Speaker Opportunities

CFASB offers many unique events throughout the year that are attended by hundreds of investment management professionals. These gatherings are in valuable ways for you and your organization to share your knowledge of - and passion for - excellence in investment management.

The Society welcomes dynamic speakers who can offer solution-oriented expertise on issues facing investment management professionals and leaders. By presenting at one of CFSB's many events throughout the year (as a sole presenter or panelist), you have a special opportunity to connect with your colleagues, share concrete knowledge, and discuss big ideas. CFSB is open to sessions that are creatively structured to take advantage of the power of peer interaction.

Corporate members are encouraged to co-present with others from different firms to offer multiple perspectives on a given topic. While being a CFASB member does not guarantee a speaking slot, preference is given to CFASB members over non-members and CFA charterholders over non-charterholders when selecting presenters.

If you would like to become a potential speaker of CFASB events, please contact Nicola Daniel at cfabaltimoreed@gmail.com.

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