CFA Society Baltimore

A Member of the CFA Institute Global Network of Societies


2017 through 2018 CFASB Officers


Tuugi Chuluun, CFA​​
Kevin Osten, CFA​

Vice President
Sean Rhoderick, CFA​​​​


David Merkel, CFA​​​
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Board of Directors
​Mark Andrusis, CFA
Arturo Balana, CFA​
​Tuugi Chuluun, CFA​
​Gregg Cooper
​Elizabeth Goodier​
​John Lawson, CFA​
​Emily Matthews, CFA​
​David Merkel, CFA​
​Farhan Mustafa, CFA​
​Kevin Osten, CFA​
​Zachary Reichenbach, CFA​
​Sean Rhoderick, CFA​
​Yingying Shao, CFA​
Michael Shaw​​
​Doug Williams, CFA​


Past Presidents

2000 - 2017


Kevin E. Osten​, CFA​​2016 - 2017
​Farhan S. Mustafa, CFA​​2015 - 2016 
​Erica D. Niemann, CFA​2014 - 2015
​Clement K. Miller, CFA2013 - 2014
Clement K. Miller, CFA​​2012 - 2013
​David A. Stepherson, CFA​2011 - 2012
​David A. Robertson, CFA​2010 - 2011
​Niall H. O'Malley2009 - 2010​
​Steven J. Brooks, CFA​2008 - 2009
​Eric Y. Sheldon, CFA​2007 - 2008
​Amy Y. Zhang, CFA​2006 - 2007
​Carolyn C. Boykin, CFA​2005 - 2006
​Brian J. Brennan, CFA​2004 - 2005
​James P. Gauthier, CFA​2003 - 2004
​Manind V. Govil, CFA​2002 - 2003
​Mitchel S. Penn, CFA​​2001 - 2002
​Michael J. Stafford, Jr., CFA​​2000 - 2001

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CFASB Advisory Board 

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Advisory Board is to serve as the advisory body to the CFASB Board by being a resource for the Board on its strategic direction and operational responsibilities, aimed at providing continuity of leadership and building a stronger CFASB within the community. 


• Preserve critical institutional knowledge and experience of the CFASB Board 

• Offer counsel and guidance to the CFASB Board 

• Support and advise CFASB goals, initiatives, programs, and committees 

• Raise awareness, visibility, and relevance of the CFASB

• Leverage professional network for CFASB members and institutions 

• Enhance and strengthen ties between the CFASB Board and the CFAI 

• Advocate for the CFASB at both the Maryland state level and the CFAI level​