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 New Member Applications

Once an application is complete:

  • New member and upgrade applications are evaluated by work experience assessors.
  • Based on results of the work experience review, a membership recommendation is made. Generally, if work experience is NOT accepted for regular membership, it is because it does not qualify or the narrative description is too brief or unclear. The applicant will be able to see the comment online.

Once an application is complete it will take up to 8 weeks to process.

 Upgrade Applications

Affiliate members may apply for an upgrade application online once they have fulfilled the requirements for Regular membership. In addition to passing three levels of the CFA exam, regular membership is required for the award of the CFA charter. Affiliate members must submit at least 48 months of work experience to be considered for an upgrade. The work experience assessors will evaluate the submitted work experience and determine eligibility for regular membership.

To qualify for an upgrade, affiliate members must demonstrate that they have accrued the necessary work experience by providing a detailed description of their duties.