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CFA Society Detroit was founded in 1948 when investment professionals of the greater Detroit area joined together to find the Investment Analyst Society of Detroit (IASD).  Members of the IASD then voted to join the National Federation of Financial Analyst Societies in 1948 becoming the seventh member society of what is now CFA Institute.  In 2005, the IASD voted to change its name to the CFA Society of Detroit and now serves 400 members.

Our society is an association of local investment professionals. Consisting of portfolio managers, security analysts, investment advisors, and other financial professionals, we promote ethical and professional standards within the investment industry, encourage professional development through the CFA Program and continuing education, facilitate the exchange of information and opinions among people within the local investment community and beyond, and work to further the public's understanding of the CFA designation and investment industry. As one of the CFA Institute member societies, our society connects members to a global network of investment professionals.

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