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 1. In the Scholarship Verification form, what is a Society Leader?  Do I have to fill in something?

A Society Leader is an officer of a local CFA Society, in this case CFA France.  Candidates do not have to fill out this part of the form.

2. I do not live, work or study in France, and my country does not offer scholarships.  Can I apply for a CFA France scholarship?

You are free to apply, but please bear in mind that demand for CFA France scholarships far exceeds the supply, and applications from candidates living, working or studying in France will receive priority.

3. I am a French student studying/doing an internship abroad, and would like to sit a CFA exam before I return to France.  Am I eligible for a scholarship?

Yes - please explain your circumstances in the application form.

4. I have already paid my registration fees - can I still apply for a scholarship?  What will happen?

If you have already registered for the exam and are awarded a scholarship you will be reimbursed the fees (less the candidate contribution).

5. I am registered for Level II/III.  If my scholarship application is successful, will it reimburse the registration fees I paid when I started the program?

No, it will only cover the Level II/III fees in excess of the candidate contribution as detailed above.

6. I don't think I will be ready to sit Level I in June 2012 - if I apply for a scholarship and am successful, can I use if for the December 2012 or June 2013 sessions?

No, the scholarship is only valid for the June 2012 session.

7. I am working but my employer refuses to pay for my enrolment in the CFA program.  Can I apply for a scholarship or is this only open to students?

The CFA France Scholarship program is open to working (or unemployed) candidates as well as students.  Please apply, and state your circumstances in the application form.

8. (a) Will CFA France contact candidates whose applications are incomplete (eg missing documents) or if questions are manifestly answered incorrectly?
   (b) Help! It is 22 January and I just realised that I forgot to include an important document. If I send it now, will you take it into consideration?

No, in both cases.  Please make sure your application is correct and complete before you send it.

9. If I send my application via the post and it is delayed, will you take it into consideration?

No - as stated above, applications must be RECEIVED by 12 noon Paris time, of the deadline date.  If in doubt, please send your application by email.

10. When will I find out if my application has been successful?

We hope to be able to advise successful candidates by mid-February, but this depends on when we get the information from CFA Institute headquarters.  We will not contact unsuccessful candidates.

11. I saw on the scholarship verification form that the scholarship deadline is later than the CFA France deadline. Why is that? If I submit my application after the CFA France deadline but before the deadline on the Scholarship Verification form, will you take it into consideration?

The deadline on the CFA Institute website is the last date for CFA Societies to submit their lists of scholarship candidates, and we at CFA France need some time to evaluate applications and make our selection. As stated above, applications received after 12 noon on 21 January will not be considered.

12. Do you offer scholarships for the December exams?


No, CFA France does not currently offer scholarships for the December exam session.  If this policy changes we will advise candidates and post the information on this website. 

13. What kind of supporting documentation do I need to provide to justify my financial need?

CFA France leaves this entirely up to candidates.  There are too many potential situations for us to make any recommendations.

14. I would like to include a reference from my professor but s/he is out of the country until the end of January.  Can I have an extension?

No, you will have to submit your application without the reference (or get your profession to email a reference to you).

15.  I can’t save the Scholarship Verification form in PDF form.  How can I send it back to you? 

Fill out the form, print it out and sign it, then scan it and save in PDF form and return to CFA France

16. I failed Level I.  Can I apply for a scholarship to resit the exam?

You can apply for a scholarship but it is unlikely to considered a priority unless there are good reasons to justify why you did not pass.

17. I’m sitting Level I in December and the results may not be available before the deadline.  Assuming I pass, I would like to apply for a scholarship for Level II.  How should I proceed?

Be optimistic and apply for a scholarship for Level II, and send us the result as soon as it is available.  If you fail, though, we will not transform your request into a request to resit Level I.