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 Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®)


What are the GIPS standards?

The GIPS standards are a set of ethical principles used by investment management firms in order to establish a globally standardized, industry-wide approach to creating performance presentations that communicate investment results to prospective clients.  The underlying spirit of the Standards is fair representation and full disclosure. CFA Institute created and continues to administer the GIPS standards and partners with organizations around the world such as CFA Society Greece to promote the GIPS standards.

To facilitate and maintain the integrity of the GIPS standards, new performance standards are created as needed by the industry and new procedures and controls are implemented to ensure that the GIPS standards are consistently applied, interpreted, and expanded with broad solicitation of public comments. Check out the GIPS Standards FactSheet for more information on the GIPS standards.

The GIPS standards provide:

  • Firms with an ability to compete across the globe
  • Investors with the ability to make comparisons​

Who established the GIPS standards?

  • CFA Institute created and administers the GIPS standards
  • Organizations in 32 countries sponsor and promote the Standards​

More information:

Country Sponsors

The presence of a local sponsoring organization for investment performance standards, known as a “country sponsor,” is essential for effective implementation of the Standards and ongoing operation within a country. Country sponsors:

  • Locally promote the GIPS standards
  • Provide local market support and input for the GIPS standards
  • Represent country-specific concerns to the GIPS Executive Committee

CFA Society Greece

CFA Society Greece has been endorsed as the official sponsor of the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) in Greece.​