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CFA Society Houston, founded in 1955. We promote the highest professional and ethical standards within the investment community and maintain ongoing educational and certification opportunities for its members. The Society allows individuals with common interests to advance their professional studies and obtain insight into key areas affecting investments.

We are a volunteer organization boasting 895+ members strong. All agree to abide by our ethics and code of conduct.

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 Putting Investors First Month

Statement of Investor Rights Ten rights that any investor should expect from financial service providers

Putting Investors First

The Statement of Investor Rights was developed by CFA Institute to advise buyers of financial service products of the conduct they are entitled to expect from financial service providers.

Investors: Present the Statement to your financial professionals, whether you are establishing an investment plan, working with a broker, opening a bank account, or buying a home.

Financial Professionals: Support the Statement and provide it to your clients to show that you are committed to fundamental ethical principles. Let your clients know that they can trust you to provide the service they expect and deserve.




  1. Honest, competent, and ethical conduct that complies with applicable law;
  2. Independent and objective advice and assistance based on informed analysis, prudent judgment, and diligent effort;
  3. My financial interests taking precedence over those of the professional and the organization;
  4. Fair treatment with respect to other clients;
  5. Disclosure of any existing or potential conflicts of interest in providing products or services to me;
  6. Understanding of my circumstances, so that any advice provided is suitable and based on my financial objectives and constraints;
  7. Clear, accurate, complete and timely communications that use plain language and are presented in a format that conveys the information effectively;
  8. An explanation of all fees and costs charged to me, and information showing these expenses to be fair and reasonable;
  9. Confidentially of my information;
  10. Appropriate and complete records to support the work done on my behalf.

 The Future of Finance Starts Now

Future of Finance - Use to display pictures and photos.  Future of Finance


1/6/2015 5:30 PM   USC/CFALA CFA Review Streaming Media Program - Level I 
1/31/2015 9:00 AM   USC/CFALA CFA Review Streaming Media Program - Level II 
1/31/2015 9:00 AM   USC/CFALA CFA Review Streaming Media Program - Level III 
3/4/2015 11:30 AM   CFAH Meeting - David Young 
3/11/2015 11:30 AM   CFAH Meeting - Perry Kaufman "Pairs Trading, 3 Ways." 
4/1/2015 11:30 AM   CFAH Meeting - Ben Gonzalez of Platts  
4/8/2015 11:30 AM   CFAH Meeting - Julie Dahlquist 
4/15/2015 11:30 AM   CFAH Meeting- Greg Reid, President of Salient Partners 
4/22/2015 11:30 AM   CFAH Meeting - Jim Allen of CFAI  
5/6/2015 8:00 AM   3 - Day Oil & Gas Industry Financial & Valuation Modeling Course 
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