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Contact us to find out how to become a member of the Indian Association of Investment Professionals. In case you need help with Sponsors/References for your CFA Membership application, Please send your latest Resume & Phone no to us.

 Become a Member

  • Brand new membersclick here to join CFA Institute and your local society.
  • Already a member of CFA Institute click here to join your local society.
  • Not in the CFA Program but would like to apply for membershipclick here to join CFA Institute and your local society.

 Benefits of Society Membership

  • Network with peers in the industry
  • Be part of an effectual and common voice to develop and protect the interests of the profession
  • Stay abreast of trends that affect the industry in your market
  • Take advantage of local professional development opportunities
  • Socialize with industry insiders
  • Take advantage of discounts to dynamic and educational local programs
  • Access additional resources, such as job announcements and newsletters

 Remote Sponsorship Program

References play a key role in assessing a potential member’s experience and eligibility.

As part of the application process you will provide three professional references unless you have a reference from a regular member of the society to which you are applying. In that case, two professional references are required.

Several societies have offered to assist candidates who live in remote geographic areas with the reference process.

Review Process for Remote Sponsorship

Applicants requesting remote society assistance should expect to undergo a review process that consists of:

  1. A written application provided by you (the applicant) to the society, including the following:
    The name, description, and contact information of your current or previous employer, including a detailed description of how the employer’s activities contribute to, or are involved with, the investment decision-making process. Your job title, along with a written description of your duties and how they contribute to, or are involved with, the investment decision-making process. The information submitted on all work experience forms will be provided to the potential sponsor to review your descriptions of your experience.
  2. An assessment by your remote society reference of materials you submit. 
    This will help potential society references answer questions on the reference form. Society references may contact you by phone or e-mail for additional clarification regarding your work history.
  3. A verification of your current or most recent employer, job description, and tenure.
    Society references may contact your current or former employer(s) by phone, fax, or 
    e-mail to confirm the following information: 

    1. The name, address, and business of the employing entity
    2. Your title and primary job function
    3. How long you have been/were in current or former position

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