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The World of Derivatives and Valuation Control_22nd November 2017_Karthik Ramamurthy
Practitioner Insights from India: The Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Sectors_7th December 2017_Prashant Nair, CFA
Insider Trading: Compliance and Beyond_21st Decemeber 2017_Suresh Gupta
Cooking Books_18th January 2018_Saurabh Mukherjea, CFA
Key lessons from Financial History for Today's Investors_1st February_2018_Russell Napier
Frameworks to identify Superior Management_15th February 2018_Alroy Lobo
Practitioners' insights: Analysing the cement sector_1st March 2018_Amit Khurana
ESG Investing Insights: Social Business is Good Business_15th March 2018_Aarti Wig
Practitioners’ Insight: Information Technology Sector_29th March 2018_Sudheer Guntupalli
The Discounted Cash Flow Method and the Hubble Telescope_12th April 2018_Rajeev Thakkar, CFA
Corporate Governance Regulation in Asia: New Risks and Opportunities for Investors_10th May 2018_Jamie Allen
Insights on Smart Beta and Factor Investing_28th June 2018_Jason Hsu 
Lessons from the CIO’s World_27th July 2018_Aradhana Kejriwal
Algorithmic Trading: An Introduction to the Nuts and Bolts_26th July 2018_Parijat Garg
Advanced Accounting for Equity Research​_9th August 2018_Nimisha Pandit
Adrenaline, Testosterone and Equity Investing – The Unholy Trinity_23rd August 2018_Vikas Khemani, CFA
Fintech in India: Opportunities & Challenges_6th September 2018_Anup Agarwal
The Elephant and the Dragon: A Look at the Changing Dynamics Between China and India_20th September 2018_Xu Si Tao
Lessons from the Third wave of investing: Machine Learning and Alternative Data_4th Oct 2018_Michael Oliver Weinberg
Unmasking the Myths of the Palm Oil Industry​_16th Oct 2018_Eugenie,Alan,Guruprasad,Clara, Rocky
Investing in India's Growing Unlisted Space​_17th Oct 2018_Vinay Bagri
Practitioner's Insights on Asset Allocation_1st Nov 2018_Peng Chen
Preview 2019 CFA Program Curriculum: Big Data, AI and more_15th Nov 2018_Barbara S. Petitt, CFA 
Practitioners' Insights: Airlines Sector in India​_29th Nov 2018_Subrata Ray, CFA
Practitioners’ Insights: Fast Electronic Markets_13th Dec 2018_Larry Harris, CFA
Machine Learning Insights: Digital MSME Lending, a disruptive game changer​_31st Jan 2019_Shalabh Singhal, CFA
CEO’s Insights: Building a Financial Services start-up​_14th Feb 2019_Radhika Gupta
Career insights: Alternative Investment Funds in India_21st Feb  2019_Biharilal  Deora, FCA, CFA, CIPM
Practitioners’ Insights: ETF, Smart Beta & the evolving Investment Landscape_28th Mar 2019_John Davies
Career Insights: Structured Finance​_18th April 2019_Ashwin Narang, CFA
Practitioners' insights: Quants- Factor based investment decision making​_25th April 2019_Richard Goldman
Practitioners’ Insights - Hospitality industry_9th May 2019_Pavethra Ponniah, CFA, CAIA
Career Insights: Private Equity market in India_16th May 2019_Namit Arora, CFA
CIO’s Insights: Beyond projected profits​_23rd May 2019_Rajeev Thakkar, CFA
Does your Work Experience qualify for Regular Membership?​_ 29th May 19_Sachin/Mansi
Practitioners' Insights: Portfolio Management_ 4th July 2019_ Swati Kulkarni, CFA

Practitioners' Insights: Valuing IPOs_ 08th August 2019_ Nitin Bhasin​

Membership webinar: Understand the next steps to become a Member _13th August 2019 Sachin Naik / Mansi Bhimani / Biharilal Deora, CFA

Career Insights: Sell-side Research in India _22nd August 2019 Amit Khurana, CFA

Practitioners' Insights: Investing Wisdom from a Library of Mistakes _5th September 2019 Kuntal Shah

Career Insights: Treasury Management _19th September 2019 Jayna Gandhi, CFA

Membership webinar: Understand the next steps to become a Member _30th September 2019 Sachin Naik / Mansi Bhimani / Biharilal Deora, CFA

Practitioners' Insights: Passive Investing in an Active World_03rd October 2019_Anil Ghelani, CFA

Career Insights: Closing the Skills Gap: How to Transform Yourself into a Work Ready Professional_17th October 2019_Binod Shankar, CFA

Practitioners' Insights: India's NBFC Crisis - Opportunities and Risks_07th November 2019_Raghuvir Mukherji

Career Insights: Proprietary Desk_28th November 2019_Biswarup Mohapatra, CFA

CIO's Insights: Detecting Financial Irregularities_19th January2020_Sunil Singhania, CFA

Career Insights: Fixed Income Fund Management in India _23rd January 2020_Dwijendra Srivastava, CFA

Practitioners' Insights: Portfolio Rebalancing Science and Techniques _13th February 2020_ Lokesh Mrig, CFA

Career Insights: Platformization of Financial Services and the Future of Careers in the Investment Industry_27th Feb 2020_ Ujjwal Jain, CFA

Practitioners' Insights: Fixed Income Investing During an Economic Slowdown_12th March 2020_ Tanay Dalal