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 June 2018 Schweser - CFA Society Istanbul Scholarships Winners

​The following individuals have been awarded Schweser CFA Society Istanbul Scholarships for the June 2018 Exam:

Inna Nistor Tanir-L1
Sevinc Abdullayeva-L2
Alican Celik-L2
Erdi Eyuboglu-L3
Okan Çalıkoğlu-L3
Berfin Canpolat-L3

​We wish you success on the exam.

 June 2018 Schweser - CFA Society Istanbul Scholarship

Dear Candidates,

6 CFA Program June 2018 Exam Candidates will be awarded the “June 2018 Schweser - CFA Society Istanbul Scholarship”. The awarded candidates will choose one of the 3 scholarship products below:

    A – Schweser Notes Package (hardcopy) and SchweserPro Qbank

    B – Online Weekly Class

    C – Online 3-Day Review Workshop

Please remember that, if awarded, you will be subject to a shipment fee charged by Kaplan Schweser as you send them the attached order form.

How do I apply?

Applications for Schweser CFA Society Istanbul Scholarships will be collected by e-mail until January 29th, 2018. Please send your resume in pdf format to with the subject of "2018 Schweser - CFA Society Istanbul Scholarship Application". We kindly ask you to tell us briefly in the body of your e-mail about your CFA Exam history, and your past and planned contribution to the CFA Society Istanbul activities. Awarded Scholars will be announced by e-mail in February 2018.

Schweser Discount (20%)

You can find the details of 20% discount from Schweser study materials at the attachment:

Visit and Enter CodeIstanbulCFA

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