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Financial Data Wrangling in Python

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​Financial Data Wrangling in Python
May 20 | 8 am | ONLINE ONLY

COVID-19 Update: Due to social distancing measures, this event will be offered remotely via Zoom. For this reason, we are requiring that you have Anaconda installed before the course begins. Unlike our in-person classes, we will not be providing support for the installation in this new Zoom format. Detailed installation instructions can be found here. It is highly recommended that you try to work through at least the first tutorial before the class, to ensure your installation worked properly.

We also highly recommend that you use two computer monitors during the class, one to broadcast the Zoom session, and one for working through the Jupyter Notebook tutorials.

In light of these circumstances, we are reducing the price of the course to $199/$249 member/non-member.

Python is rapidly becoming one of the most popular programming languages for evaluating financial data, developing financial models and creating financial applications. In short: Python is quickly becoming "the new Excel."

This is a one-day training designed to get you up and running with financial data analysis in Python. No prior Python experience is required; however, it will be helpful to have had some basic exposure to other programming languages or concepts. This course, and all the material, has been tailor-made for finance professionals.

In this training we will dive into the pandas and numpy packages, which are fundamental to data analysis in Python. We will also use Jupyter Notebook, which is an interactive programming environment that lies at the heart of Python's data analysis stack; by the end of this training you will be very much at home working with them.

If you're not sure whether learning Python makes sense for you, check out this blog post by the course instructor:


Sample material from a previous course can be found here:


Morning Session

8:00 am - introduction & wrangling tutorials

8:45 am - coffee break

9:00 am - wrangling tutorials

10:15 am - questions and coffee break

10:30 am - wrangling tutorials


Lunch Break

12:00 pm-1:00 pm - lunch


Afternoon Session

1:00 pm - wrangling tutorials

2:30 pm - questions and coffee break

2:45 pm - wrangling

3:45 pm - questions and coffee break

4:00 pm - advanced topics and Q&A



Pritam Dalal is the Head of Quantitative Research at Aware Asset Management.  Prior to joining aware, Pritam served in trading and analysis roles at Cargill, Wolverine Trading, and Allianz Investment Management. A common thread running through all of his work has been data-driven analysis, coupled with the ability to communicate those findings to fellow decision makers - skills which have been applied to endeavors including investing in asset-backed securities, to volatility trading in commodity markets, to equity option market-making.
Pritam is also an instructor at the University of Minnesota Master of Financial Mathematics program, where he teaches graduate students about the rich intersection between data science and quantitative finance.

Please consider Pritam a resource before, during, and after the course:

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Society; Career; Educational; Featured

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Quantitative Methods

Start Time

5/20/2020 8:00 AM

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5/20/2020 5:00 PM





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United States

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Pritam Dalal

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Financial Data Wrangling in Python - ONLINE ONLY

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Now being hosted virtually! This is a one-day training designed to get you up and running with financial data analysis in Python. No prior programming experience is required, and all the material has been tailor-made for finance professionals.


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