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Watch webinars (recorded March 2020 to May 2021) presented by CFA Society Minnesota and our partners.

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 Building A Carbon Neutral Dairy Industry

Recorded Thursday, May 27, 2021
Presented by CFA Society Minnesota

A discussion on the measurement of impact and challenges facing ESG financing

Kent McClanahan, CFA, RBC Wealth Management
Susann Gibbons, CFA, Carlson School of Management
Jennifer Schmitt, Ph.D., Institute on the Environment
Nathaniel Springer, Ph.D., Institute on the Environment
Patrick Cheney, Carlson School of Management

How can green bonds finance greenhouse gas mitigation in the Minnesota dairy industry? Catch this replay of our expert panel as they review the impact of agriculture on the environment, describe some of the solutions that can mitigate the effects, and consider the economic return potential from these different solutions.

 Navigating the Financial Markets 2021

Recorded Thursday, April 15, 2021
Presented by North Dakota State University & CFA Society Minnesota

2021 - a new decade and a new market? A panel of experts opines on the longest expansion in US history, the effects of COVID-19, and share their predictions for the economy and market. Come and learn from their insights and enjoy socializing with fellow professionals and aspiring students. 
Lisa Erickson, CFA - U.S. Bank
Mark Simenstad, CFA - Thrivent Financial 
Robert Thompson, CFA, CIC - Mairs & Power
Moderator: Scott Beaulier, Ph.D. - NDSU College of Business

 Impact Investing: Shaking Up the Financial System

A Putting Investors First Discussion featuring: Frank Altman, CEO, Community Reinvestment Fund, USA John Taft, Vice-Chair, Robert W. Baird & Company Recorded April 22, 2021 Presented by CFA Society Minnesota ​Long before “impact” investing became fashionable, Frank Altman, CEO of CRF USA, was pioneering links between community development finance and traditional sources of capital. Now he wants to “shake up the financial system so dollars flow more directly to small businesses in Black and Brown neighborhoods”. Enjoy this discussion between Frank and Baird Vice Chairman John Taft about exciting new opportunities and challenges in addressing economic inequality.

 A Guide to Bitcoin, Blockchain & Crypto for the Professional Investor

Featuring: Matt Hougan, Chief Investment Officer, Bitwise Asset Management
Recorded March 18, 2021
Presented by CFA Society Minnesota

Bitcoin burst onto the scene in 2008, when the online posting of the "bitcoin whitepaper" signaled a new way to move money over the internet. In the decade-plus since, the crypto market has gone through all the classic phases of a disruptive technology: massive bull markets and crushing pullbacks, periods of euphoria and moments of despair, FOMO (fear of missing out), fear, and everything in between. Even today, as institutional investors rush to allocate, many still have fundamental questions: What is bitcoin, really? What's a blockchain? And how do you put a value on something that doesn't produce cash-flows?

 2021 Outlook with Jim Paulsen

Featuring: Jim Paulsen, Chief Investment Strategist, The Leuthold Group
Recorded February 19, 2021
Presented by CFA Society Minnesota

Enjoy this preview of 2021 from Chief Investment Strategist, Jim Paulsen of The Leuthold Group, LLC. Jim shares his opinions on the future of stocks, bonds and other current events. For more than 30 years, Jim has published commentary assessing economic and market trends. He is nationally recognized for his views on the economy, frequently appears on CNBC and Bloomberg TV, and is invited to speaking engagements across the country.

 Conducting Premium Virtual Meetings

Featuring: Brendan Barca, Business Coach and LinkedIn Consultant, Brendan Barca Solutions
Recorded January 26, 2021
Presented by CFA Society Minnesota

Special thanks to John Hancock Investment Management

As you build your business, effective client communication is critical to your success. Yet the way we’re communicating has fundamentally changed; virtual meetings have become the preferred - and often only - way to connect with clients. Brendan Barca shows how successful advisors can master virtual meeting hosting skills to deepen existing client relationships, turn prospects into clients, and set themselves apart.

 Authentically Connecting with Women Investors

Featuring: Jean Dunn, CFP, VP, T. Rowe Price Investment Services
Recorded December 15, 2020
Presented by CFA Society Minnesota

Women now control more personal wealth in the U.S. than men, so a financial professional’s ability to effectively connect with women investors is critical for success. Establishing meaningful client relationships with women investors requires going beyond the unique needs of women when compared with men—a financial professional must also understand differences among women. Jean Dunn, Client Loyalty Insights Leader at T.Rowe Price, shares insights into the varying personas of women investors, actions to help you better connect, and tools to assist with relationship-building.

 Video Gaming & Esports: Taking Media and Entertainment to the Next Level

Featuring: ​John Patrick Lee, CFA, ETF Product Manager
Nancy Bong, CFA, CAIA, Director of Institutional Business Development
Recorded December 10, 2020
Presented by CFA Society Minnesota

The video game industry is projected to reach $159B in revenues in 2020, and gaming is more popular than ever. How can investors get in the game as well? JP Lee from VanEck presents the investment case for video gaming and esports.

 Building and Leading High-Performing Teams

Featuring: Dr. Ben Sorensen, Co-Founder and VP, Optimum Associates, LLC
December 1, 2020
Presented by CFA Society Minnesota

Special thanks to T.Rowe Price

We are all part of a team in one way or another - whether an independent contributor with an assistant or a multi-person partnership. In this session, Dr. Ben Sorensen demonstrates how to use communication styles to set clear team roles and responsibilities. He shares how to implement camera check feedback to elevate team performance and provides an action plan to implement over the next 30, 60, and 90 days.

 Value Investing, Evolved

Featuring: Brian Fontanella, CFA
Portfolio Specialist
Diamond Hill Capital Management
Recorded November 10, 2020
Presented by CFA Society Minnesota

Brian Fontanella, CFA reviews the growth vs value debate and questions the relevancy of commonly referenced metrics like price to book or price to earnings when considering the makeup of businesses today.

 Evolution of Global Direct Lending and Opportunities Today ‭[1]‬

Featuring Mark Affolter, Partner and Portfolio Manager, Ares Management LLC
Recorded Wednesday, September 30, 2020
Presented by CFA Society Minnesota

The market opportunity for Direct Lending across the US, Europe, and Asia has evolved over the last several decades. Ares Management Credit Portfolio Manager and Direct Lending Co-Head, Mark Affolter discusses the evolution of the Direct Lending market and opportunities caused by the COVID-19 market dislocation.

Password to access video: CFAMN2020!

 ​ CFA Exam Computer-Based Testing Overview

Featuring CFA Institute staff:
Michelle Laux, Senior Director of CFA Exam Development
Kristina Fitzhugh, Manager, CFA Program
Recorded October 28, 2020
Presented by CFA Society Minnesota

Hear CFA Institute staff members Michelle Laux and Kristina Fitzhugh as they discuss the shift to computer-based testing in 2021 for all levels of the CFA Exam.

 Corporate Bond and High Yield Market Update

Featuring Bill Fox, CFA, Portfolio Manager
Moderated by Douglas Gimple
Diamond Hill Capital Management
Recorded October 20, 2020
Presented by CFA Society Minnesota

Portfolio Manager Bill Zox, CFA and Doug Gimple, Sr. Fixed Income Specialist give an update on corporate bonds and the high yield market - a timely discussion about the record bond issuance, heavy Fed intervention, and active search for yield during the last 3 months since their July 9 fireside chat.

For added context, below are links to two insight pieces from Bill and Doug that detail their current observations. 

 How Fiduciary Advisors Can Optimize After-Tax Outcomes with PPLI / PPVA

Featuring Rick Roche, CAIA, Little Harbor Advisors & Dave Reynolds, CFP®, CLU®, Spearhead LLC Recorded October 7, 2020
Presented by CFA Society Minnesota In today’s evolving tax environment, fiduciaries, advisors, and asset managers oftentimes spend a disproportionate amount of time deciding “what” to invest in on behalf of clients, and not enough time exploring the “how." Rick and Dave explore how these solutions can be custom-tailored to meet the needs of each individual client, as well as provide a flexible structure through which you, the advisor, can deliver long term structural alpha to your investors.

 Health Care Sector Evolution and Outlook in the Pandemic Era

Featuring Patrick Todd, CFA and David Glickman, CFA Analysts, Health Care Sector Harding Loevner LP Moderated by Aaron Hanson, CFA, Vice President | Manager – U.S. Due Diligence | Global Manager Research RBC Wealth Management Recorded October 6, 2020 Presented by CFA Society Minnesota Patrick Todd and David Glickman review the health care sector across industries - where we stand now amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, winners and losers, impact of the upcoming U.S. presidential election, where we may be headed over the next few years, and opportunities going forward.

 Managing Me: Reflections on Retirement

​Featuring Diana Schutter, CFA and Ron Kaliebe, CFA
Moderated by Carol Schleif, CFA
Recorded September 15, 2020
Presented by CFA Society Minnesota

A discussion on preparing for life after retirement as it relates to time management, professional engagement, and personal development. 

Managing Me sessions are informal and hosted by CFAMN members with personal experience and/or interest in the topical areas being discussed.

 How the Pandemic May Change Things

Featuring Stuart Dunbar and Joseph Stellato, CFA
Baillie Gifford International, LLC
Recorded August 27, 2020
Presented by CFA Society Minnesota

After speaking at last year’s annual CFA conference in London, Stuart Dunbar, partner at Baillie Gifford, was again on the agenda at this year’s annual CFA conference in Atlanta. Due to the pandemic, that was unable to happen ... therefore, CFA Society Minnesota is delighted to bring you this webinar instead!

For a copy of the slide deck, please send an email to:

 Impacts on the Corporate Bond Market Resulting from the Covid-19 Crisis

Featuring Bill Zox, FCA
Portfolio Manager for Diamond Hill Capital Management
​Recorded July 9, 2020

Bill Zox, CFA, Portfolio Manager for Diamond Hill Capital Management, discussed the near and long-term impacts on the corporate bond market resulting from the Covid-19 crisis, heavy Federal Reserve intervention, and trends in de-leveraging.

 Volatility: The Bumpy Road to Normal

Featuring Stacey Gilbert and Sean Heron, CFA
Portfolio Managers, Derivatives for Glenmede Investment Management
Recorded June 30, 2020

As uncertainty weighs on investors, GIM’s derivatives team examines the relationship between volatility and the volatility risk premium. Derivatives Portfolio Managers Sean Heron, CFA, and Stacey Gilbert review seven basic truths about volatility as well as what the options market is saying about probabilities for year-end S&P 500 results. They also explain how put-write strategies could capture the volatility risk premium while contributing some downside protection.

 Where Do We Go from Here?

Featuring Joyce Huang, CFA & Bernard Chua, CFA
Recorded June 18, 2020

The investment team from America Century Investments hosted a call for CFA Society Minnesota, sharing market updates and insightful perspectives around recent market volatility for global equity and global fixed income. The call included initial comments from the presenters, and then took time to respond to pressing questions regarding recent events in the market.

 Geopolitics, COVID-19, and International Finance

Featuring Taufiq Rahim and Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez
Recorded June 9, 2020

​Regional experts Taufiq Rahim (MENA) and Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez (Latin America) provided insights as to how global financial markets as reflected in geopolitics matter—with their takes on the effects of coronavirus shocks. These subject matter experts shared regional updates, followed by prepared Q&A.

 Deconstructing Value Investing

Valuation vs Cheapness
Featuring ​Rafael Resendes, founding partner of Applied Finance
Recorded May 21, 2020
Presented by Applied Finance Capital Management

“Value Investing” is commonly misunderstood as buying companies at a discount to their intrinsic value. While that may have been true decades ago, today “Value Investing” predominantly consists of buying “low price to something” stocks. The “something” is a fundamental variable such as book value, earnings, and/or sales among others. However, such approaches do not necessarily identify undervalued stocks, only stocks that are “cheap” relative to the chosen fundamental variable.

 Crisis & Recovery

​What Economic and Epidemic Models Are Telling Us
Featuring Robert Shiller, Sterling Professor of Economics, Yale University
Recorded April 23, 2020
Presented by Natixis

Nobel-Prize winning economist Robert Shiller talks about economic signals, monetary & fiscal action, why epidemic models matter, and new areas of growth emerging from the crisis. 

 ​Humanizing Wall Street

Featuring Jason Trennert, co-founder of Strategas and John Taft, Baird Vice Chairman
Recorded April 7, 2020

Jason Trennert, co-founder of Strategas, the top macro research firm in the country, will share his insights into the financial markets during the balance of the presidential election year and will engage in a conversation with Baird Vice Chairman John Taft about the role finance plays in our economy and in society, and the impact of Covid-19.

 ​The Future of Consumption

Emerging Markets and the Digital Revolution
Featuring Kevin T. Carter, Founder and CIO of EMQQ
Recorded March 19, 2020

Billions of people in the developing world are now leapfrogging traditional consumption patterns and starting to consume online for the first time. The result of this rising middle-class consumer wave has transformed economies and produced new internet giants equal to or even larger than their U.S. counterparts.

 Evolution of Global Direct Lending and Opportunities Today ‭[2]‬

Evolution of Global Direct Lending.gif

 Deconstructing Value Investing Webinar

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 Crisis & Recovery Webinar

Crisis and Recovery Webinar Image.png