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CFA Society New Mexico​

CFA Society New Mexico seeks to lead the investment profession in the State of New Mexico by promoting the highest standards of ethics, education, and professional excellence for the ultimate benefit of society. Learn More...


 Society Spotlight

CFA Society New Mexico was proud to be featured recently at the 25th Society Leadership Conference and the latest issue of Connexions for our advocacy work as well as our brand campaign which reached new heights. Check out the video to see what some of the other societies globally have been up to these past few years to expand the reach of the CFA Program.

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 Save the Date

We are looking forward to an exciting year of content with CFA Society New Mexico. Once we have full details, we will place the programs in our Calendar. Members receive​ exclusive pricing, find out how to join here​. In the meantime, please save these dates: ​


​September 7Member ​Social​Santa Fe
​September 21​Member SocialAlbuquerque
​October 17Behavorial FinanceAlbuquerque
​November 16Shaping Your Career: Advice for the Investment IndustryAlbuquerque
​December 6What Happened in 2017? And Where Did the Money Go​Santa Fe​
​January 18Is Green Investing really Green? Just What is the Opportunity Set?​​​Santa Fe
​February 8​Forecast Dinner​Albuquerque
​March 16AI: Autonomous Cars, Drones, and More​Albuquerque
​April 20What is the Story with Private Equity?​Santa Fe
​May 24​The Future of Finance = Women in InvestmentsAlbuquerque​
June 7​2018 Annual Meeting & Dinner​​​Albuquerque

Dates, topics, and locations are subject to change. Information updated 4/25/2018

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PO Box 36947  ​​ 
Albuquerque, New Mexico USA  87176-6947