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 Asset Management Committee

Asset Management Com​mittee 

Chairperson : Simon Ng, CFA

Deputy Chairperson : Ashish Goyal, CFA​​

Overview : 

The CFA Singapore Asset Management Committee (the "Committee") has been established by CFA Singapore ("CFAS") to further the mission and vision of CFAS with respect to the asset management sector in Singapore. 

The Committee shall adopt all Terms of Reference as set out in the "CFA Singapore Terms of Reference for Committees", which is duly approved by the Board of Directors. 

Mission / Objectives​

The Committee will seek to:

  1. Promote professional standards and ethical practices for the asset management sector (including businesses and professionals);
  2. Promote investor awareness and education in relation to the asset management sector;
  3. Work with the asset management sector on key industry issues and generally to further the asset management profession.

​Scope / Processes

The Committee may appoint members who may not be CFA Singapore members, provided a clear need is met.​

Correct as of 5 April 2017​​