CFA Society South Africa

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1. Better Pay

Surveys have shown that CFA charterholders are higher paid on aggregate. Just don't expect an instant pay rise.

2. Finance Knowledge

The exams are tough for a reason. You get a good solid grounding in up-to-date financial knowledge.

3. Global Recognition

One of the most recognised professional qualifications in finance. Highly transferrable across geographic area. Over 150,000 CFA charterholders worldwide.

4. Affordable

The cost to earn the CFA Charter starts at $2500, making CFA a more affordable professional qualification.

5. Job

CFA is impressive to add to your CV, but no amount of CV padding "gets you a job".

6. Enhance Career

If you work in finance or aspire to, as a CFA charterholder.

7. CFA vs MBA

Who says you have to choose? You can always obtain a CFA Charter in addition to an MBA. Tons of people do.