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Call for nominations for election as a director

CFA Society South Africa Board of Directors:

Our Board of Directors are seeking nominations for the election of non-executive directors in line with the Society's Memorandum of Incorporation, as well as other applicable regulations and bylaws of the Society. 

CFA Regular Members in good standing are hereby invited to nominate CFA Regular Members in good standing that they think would be suitable for the roles - self-nominations are allowed.

Nominations must have the consent of the nominee and seconded by two members (in the case of self-nominations) or one additional member (in the case of nomination by a member).

Board members are required to attend Board meetings every 2nd month, these used to take place in Johannesburg, with Cape Town Board members attending via Video Conference. With the "new normal" Zoom has worked exceptionally well and we will probably continue to run our meetings virtually. Board meetings take place from 4pm to 6pm and preparation for that meeting should take no more than an hour.

The whole Board get together at least once a year for a strategy session. These normally last 1 full day, with everyone attending in person.

In addition to the above, board members may be asked to participate in or chair a working group. This often involves interaction with the CFA Institute, members, or the broader investment industry.

This is probably where the real work lies, and varies between working groups. Board members should be willing to allocate between 1-3 hours per week doing this.

Committee chairs may be required to prepare board papers/reports, which you can add to the board prep time.

The nomination process is briefly as follows:

 The Board has a Nomination Committee. The role of the Nomination Committee is to establish and implement a formal process for the appointment of directors.

 The Nomination Committee will assess skills and diversity requirements of the Board, and will prepare a recommended short-list of candidates for consideration by the Board.

 Nominees for election as directors of the Society must meet minimum eligibility criteria as determined by the Board from time to time.

Preference will be given to candidates who are active volunteers of the Society.

How to nominate:

Step 1: ReviewCFA Society South Africa Director key role and nomination criteria.pdf

Step 2: Complete CFA Society South Africa 2020 Candidate Nominations application form.docx

Step 3: Submit application form to by 7th August 2020

For additional reference, please view CFA Institute's latest version of the Member Director Guide view here.pdf