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Conference LiveWeren't able to join us in Hong Kong for the 71st CFA Institute Annual Conference? CFA Institute hosted "Conference Live," a special live broadcasting event featuring conference sessions, speaker interviews, and exclusive topical discussions. These sessions have been archived to be viewed at your convenience.
STRATEGIC INSIGHTS and thought leadership

Investment Firm of the Future

CFA Institute Report

In Practice: Debunking the "Roll Yield" Myth in Futures Markets

Keyur Patel | CFA Institute Financial Analysts Journal® companion piece| 0.25 CE

Alternative Investments: A Primer for Investment Professionals

Donald R. Chambers, Keith Black, CFA, and Nelson J. Lacey, CFA | CFA Institute Research Foundation | 5 CE

In Practice: Reassessing the Drivers of Commodity Futures Returns

Phil Davis | CFA Institute Financial Analysts Journal companion piece | 0.25 CE

High-Frequency Trading as Viewed through an Electron Microscope

Albert J. Menkveld | CFA Institute Financial Analysts Journal | 0.5 CE

Skill Ratio: A New Measure for the (Lack of) Persistence in Active Management

Daniel Blais, CFA | Enterprising Investor blog

Why Everyone Hates Finance, and What to Do about It

Paul McCaffrey | CFA Institute Annual Conference blog

In Practice: Does Overdiversification Harm Mutual Fund Returns?

Keyur Patel | CFA Institute Financial Analysts Journal companion piece | 0.25 CE

Industry Trends, Research, and Commentary

Cryptocurrencies: The Rise of Decentralized Money

Umed Saidov, CFA | Enterprising Investor blog

The Rise of Active Indexing through ETFs

Julie Hammond, CFA | CFA Institute Annual Conference blog

Investing in Nigeria: Exploring the Investment Potential of One of Africa's Leading Economies

Oscar Onyema and James K.D. Benoit, CFA | Webcast | 1 CE

18 Chart Crimes and Misdemeanors

Sloane Ortel | Enterprising Investor blog

Risk and Opportunities in Frontier Markets

Shreenivas Kunte, CFA | CFA Institute Annual Conference blog

The Robots Are Coming! The Robots Are Coming!

Lauren Foster | Enterprising Investor blog

Thinking, Fast and Slow

Daniel Kahneman | Webcast | 1 CE

Decrypting Earnings Calls with Natural Language Processing

Peter M.J. Gross | CFA Institute Annual Conference blog

Chinese Government Bonds: The Elephant in the Room

Rob Gowen, CFA | Enterprising Investor blog

Financial Behavior: Players, Services, Products, and Markets (a review)

Martin Fridson, CFA | Book Review

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Managing Wealth, Ethics, and Your Career

Adding Value with Strategic Sales of Muni Bonds

Andrew Kalotay and Bob Dannhauser, CFA | Archived Webinar | 1 CE

Technology and Innovation in Personal Financial Planning

Alex Murguia | Take 15 Series | 0.5 CE

Ethics in Practice: Valuing Assets and Calculating Fees

Jon Stokes | Market Integrity Insights blog

Financial Misconduct Trends: Conflicts of Interest and False Performance Claims

Crystal Detamore | Enterprising Investor blog

Corporate Governance Regulation in Asia: New Risks and Opportunities for Investors

Jamie Allen and Shreenivas Kunte, CFA | Archived Webinar | 1 CE

The Selling Mindset: Career Strategies for Ascending the Ranks

Julia VanDeren | CFA Institute Annual Conference blog

9 Ways to Survive Disruption in the Workplace

Julia VanDeren | CFA Institute Annual Conference blog


Insights on Smart Beta and Factor Investing

Jason Hsu and Shreenivas Kunte, CFA | Live Webinar | 28 June 2018, 5:30 p.m. IST

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STRATEGIC INSIGHTS and thought leadership

Are Cashflows Better Stock Return Predictors than Profits?

Steve Foerster, CFA | Webcast | 0.5 CE

Compound Your Face Off, with Wes Gray

Wes Gray and Patrick O'Shaughnessy, CFA | Podcast | 1 CE

Has Momentum Lost Its Momentum?

Debarati Bhattacharya, Wei-Hsien Li, and Gokhan Sonaer | Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting | Summarized in CFA Digest

News Moves Stocks: Read All about It!

Phil Davis | In Practice

Eugene Fama: Stick with Basic Factors

Ron Rimkus, CFA | Enterprising Investor blog

Portfolio Concentration and Performance of Institutional Investors Worldwide

Nicole Choi, Mark Fedenia, Hilla Skiba, CFA, and Tatyana Sokolyk | Journal of Financial Economics | Summarized in CFA Digest

How ESG Standards Underpin Investment Analysis

Bryan Esterly, CFA | Webcast | 1 CE | 1 SER

Investing in Family-Controlled Businesses: Benefits and Risks

Robert Del Mauro | Enterprising Investor blog

The Behavioral Financial Analyst

C. Thomas Howard | Webcast | 1.5 CE

The Opportunity Cost of Negative Screening in Socially Responsible Investing

Pieter Jan Trinks and Bert Scholtens | Journal of Business Ethics | Summarized in CFA Digest

market commentary, research, and analysis

Assessing the Implications of Brexit: What Investment Professionals Need to Know

Rhodri Preece, CFA | Market Integrity Insights blog

Where Markets Fail: Visible Hands

Jason Voss, CFA | Enterprising Investor blog

History Is Repeating Itself: Get Ready for a Long Dry Spell

Ramzi Ben-Abdallah and Michèle Breton | Financial Analysts Journal® | 1 CE

Initial Coin Offerings: What Happens When a Bubble Cannot Expand?

Sviatoslav Rosov, CFA | Market Integrity Insights blog

Stick to the Fundamentals and Discover Your Peers

Jens Overgaard Knudsen, Simon Kold, and Thomas Plenborg | Financial Analysts Journal | 1 CE


Tech and Wealth Management: Transformative or Disruptive?

Steve Lockshin and Sebastian Dovey | CFA Society Los Angeles Webcast | 1 CE

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Robo-Advisers: The Future of Finance?

Sviatoslav Rosov, CFA | Market Integrity Insights blog

The Blockchain Identity

Campbell R. Harvey | Webcast | 1.5 CE

The Sharing Economy and Crowd-Based Capitalism: How Digital Technologies Transform Business, Government, and Society

Arun Sundararajan | Webcast | 1 CE


Measuring and Managing Market Risk (2018)

Refresher Readings | 1.5 CE

Financial Risk Tolerance: A Psychometric Review

John E. Grable | Research Foundation Briefs | 0.5 CE

Geopolitics: Why It Is Important and Current Hot Spots

Willis Sparks | Take 15 Series | 0.5 CE

Tools for Maximizing Your Career Success

Carla Harris | Webcast | 1 CE​