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 Scholarship Info

Scholarship Information for CFA Program

We wanted to remind everyone that there are scholarships available for CFA Exam candidates.   

  • Access Scholarship awards waive the CFA Program enrollment fee and reduce the exam registration fee to $250, which includes eBook. The Scholarship can apply to either exam in 2020, but you must register and sit for the exam to be eligible otherwise you may be ineligible for future Access Scholarships.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact Kevin Moore, CFA at 314.862.4848, email

Access Scholarships provide needs-based scholarship opportunities for those unable to afford the full price of the CFA Program enrollment and registration fees.  If awarded the scholarship, the CFA Program enrollment fee is waived and the exam registration fee (includes access to the curriculum eBook) is reduced to $250. 

Access scholarships are awarded in December to be applied to exams in the upcoming calendar year.  If awarded, the recipient can apply the scholarship to the June exam (Levels I, II, and III) or December exam (Level I only).   

Click here for the official rules.  Click here to learn more and apply.   

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