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Ethics and Professionalism for the Finanzplatz


That's why the Society offers Live Mock Exams to Candidates in Geneva and Zurich. Many generations of Candidates have benefited from this preparation for the day, which consists in realistically uncomfortable settings, tight timing and deadlines, attentive proctors and the eerie silence (sometimes not so much) of the exam room. Plus we're not sure how many Candidates have been saved by volunteer Proctors' checking the conformity of their admission documents with CFA Institute guidelines ahead of the day ...

Mock exams are offered in Geneva and Zürich five and two weeks respectively ahead of the exam for all levels. The first exam is to familiarise yourself with the exam format and identify gaps in your preparation. You then have three more weeks to fill those gaps and gain confidence for E-D​ay during the second mock exam just two weeks ahead of the real thing. 

CFA Switzerland offers live mock exams in partnership with FitchLearning, a leading provider of CFA preparation materials in multiple formats. Click below to learn more about Fitch Learning's offering. Candidate Members receive 15% discount (non-members just 10%) by quoting CFA Society Switzerland and providing proof of membership via email

  • 29 October 2016: Live Mock CFA® Exam Level I 
  • 19 November 2016: Live Mock CFA® Exam Level I 

Venue Geneva: ISFB Institute for Studies in Finance and Banking, 12 route des jeunes, La Praille, 1227 Geneva Carouge                                                                                                   

Venue Zurich: WISS Wirtschaftsinformatikschule Schweiz, Hohlstrasse 535, 8048 Zürich​

Please register here​ for the Zurich mock exam(s)

Please register here ​for the Geneva mock exam(s).

Both live mock exams are conducted under conditions as real as possible.  This means that there will be an exam proctor present who will distribute the materials, give you instructions, and make sure that you don't go over time.  The proctor will also ensure that you follow all exam day policies to the letter, giving you assurance that you are not missing out on something critical.