CFA Society Switzerland

Ethics and Professionalism for the Finanzplatz

"Helping the organization to help its members is extremely rewarding.  You will also acquire fantastic experiences and contacts.  Getting the CFA designation is only the first step – volunteering and actively participating is how to get the most out of this long term commitment." - Jacqueline Curzon, CFA  - former President of CFA Society Switzerland

 Key principles

Volunteers are one of the most valuable resources for CFA Society Switzerland. It would not be possible to accomplish all of our society's activities without their continued efforts.

The society is run by a volunteer board of directors supported by a small staff. We appreciate the time and effort required as well as how rewarding the involvement can be.

The volunteers of CFA Society Switzerland have an opportunity to network and share knowledge with like-minded professionals, to learn new skills or develop existing ones such as project management, communications, events organisation etc., and to feel part of a team where everyone’s effort contributes to its success.

Here is what some of our volunteers said in an interview in the society's 2011 Annual Report

Benefits of volunteering:

  • An annual social event to thank our members for their time and effort
  • featured volunteer in our periodic newsletters
  • Annual Volunteer Award, recognizing those that went above and beyond awarded each year at the CFA Society Switzerland's Annual Dinner and CFA Award Ceremony - see list of past recipients.

If you are interested in contributing your time and energy to our efforts, either on a long term project or for punctual missions, please complete the Application Form to be a Volunteer and we will contact you shortly about opportunities that match your schedule and interests.

Alternatively, you can reply to current opportunities.

Please note:

  • All CFA Society Switzerland volunteers are unpaid.
  • Volunteer work with CFA Society Switzerland is not legally binding