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CFA Level I Study Group

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

CFA Level I Study Group

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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Promoting Women in Investment Management Conference Launched

CFAW is hosting it's 1st annual 1/2-day conference supporting the Women in Finance initiative. The conference will be held on October 16th at George Washington University's Marvin Center. 

Click here​ for more information. 

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The CFAW Corporate Partner Program is a strategic, year-round program designed to recognize CFAW's most active business partners. Members of the CFAW Corporate Partner Program have a history of generously investing both funding and content to support CFAW program development.   

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 * NEW 1/2-Day Conference *

​Promoting Women in Investment Management

Diversity and inclusion are critical to the success of the investment profession. Whether male or female, all are welcome to attend this conference to join in the discussion and help the industry move forward.

Research shows that diversity improves business results for clients, teams, firms, and employees. Firm cultures with a more inclusive environment prove to be more innovative. An industry that hears and embraces many voices and perspectives will shape better investment outcomes and a stronger future for the investment profession.

Women specifically continue to be underrepresented at every level and in every function of investment management. Further, women represent less than one in five CFA charterholders. This conference will explore employment trends, share what organizations and leading investment firms in the industry are doing to close the gap, and provide career guidance and advice to women and other underrepresented groups in investment management. 

​​Learning Objectives

  1. ​Outline the current engagement landscape of women in investment management
  2. Explore how to enhance collaboration with a diverse client base
  3. Understand the potential challenges facing women in this industry
  4. Gain practical career management tips that can be implemented immediately
  5. Learn how to demonstrate your personal value to others
Who Should Attend
  • Entry to mid-level investment management professionals
  • Students considering a career in investment management
  • Senior management or firm owners seeking to diversify their team
  • Those seeking to increase their personal presence and brand

Click here for more information​​​

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Indexing vs Alternatives, the Not-so-Obvious Truths

As the equity markets in the US approach their 9th year of a positive trend, investing in an S&P 500 index fund would have returned you 10.16% over the last 10 years and now costs around 4 basis points to access. This seemingly “low hanging fruit” is causing pain for alternative investments and strategies. 
On Thursday, September 27th, 2018 come investigate with us, the current environment for alternatives and whether they should or shouldn’t be included in investor portfolios.​

Learning Objectives:
  1. Examine the viability of alternatives in a portfolio
  2. Determine the impact that indexing proliferation has had on alternatives
Who Should Attend? 
  • Portfolio managers
  • Financial advisors
  • Analysts
  • CFOs

Senior Investment Strategist, Vanguard Investment Strategy Group

Steve_0053f5x7_Keel Point.jpg
Steven Skancke
Chief Investment Officer, Keel Point

Lowell H Yura.jpg
Lowell H. Yura, CFA
Head of Multi Asset Solutions North America in the Multi - Asset Division, T. Rowe Price
**Lunch will be provided for this event.

Click here for more information

The Hidden Job Market: Managing Your Career over the Long Haul!

Managing Your Career.png                          

Most of us change direction, firms or positions several times over a career and the amount of change in an individual career continues to grow.  Today, it is rare to hear of one person stay in one company for a life time.  But, even that person needs to be thoughtful about identifying internal growth opportunities as well as outside possibilities.
On Thursday, October 4th, 2018, this event will provide useful perspective and food for thought,  for both individuals in job search mode now, and  for those of us who want to be ready to move when we decide it is time. Not when our boss or boss’s boss decides it is time.  
Many jobs are never posted until after the hiring manager has identified the favored candidate.  This  strategy is about developing  & nurturing relationships, connections and resources throughout your career so you hear about a job before you get the pink slip, before you are completely bored or passed over or miss the high end of the bonus pool.  When you know it is time to leave.  

The goal is to encourage each of us to be savvy about out career and the resources we need to build  into our everyday way of operating so we have resources in place when we need or want them.  
Learning Objectives:
  1. Defining the hidden job market.
  2. Discussing the four ways to get interviews.
  3. Developing job targets.
Who Should Attend?
  • Anyone interested in managing their career with a thoughtful long term perspective.


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Executive Career Coach, The Art of the Career

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