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2018 Board Announced

IMG_0346.JPGOn Wednesday, June 28th, Board Chair Roman Iwachiw, CFA,  announced the recent election results during the Annual Meeting. It was a wonderful evening as nearly 100 members gathered to celebrate our new Board members and network with each other. 


CFAW is pleased to announce the following new Board officers and directors:


Secretary – Toshie Kabuto, CFA; IMF
Treasurer – Alexander Topchy, CFA; Broad Street Realty
Trevor Montano, CFA; U.S. Department of the Trasury
Chéo Scott, CFA; FI Consulting

Over 20% of CFAW Regular Members participated in the proxy, above the 10% minimum stated in the bylaws.
Congratulations to our new Board officers and directors! They join Roman Iwachiw​,   Camille Alexander, Shep Buckman, Matt Malone, Mike Hickey, and Randy Nordby for the 2018 Board term.


We'd like to thank outgoing Board members Janna Laudato, CFA and Brad Neumann, CFA for their many years of outstanding service as Board members.

2017-2018 CFA Society Washington, DC

Chair – Roman Iwachiw, CFA; FI Consulting 
Secretary – Toshie Kabuto, CFA; IMF
Treasurer – Alexander Topchy, CFA; Broad Street Realty
Ex Officio –  Camille Alexander, CFA; BNY Mellon

Board Directors
Shep Buckman, CFA; UBS Wealth Management
Michael Hickey; Glenmede
Matthew Malone, CFA; FS Investments
Trevor Montano, CFA; U.S. Department of the Treasury
Randy Nordby, CFA; American University
Chéo Scott, CFA; FI Consulting

Society Management
Bill Scott, CAE, President and CEO
Serena Roche, Meetings Manager
​Digital Marketing Coordinator, TBD

Committee Chairs and Board Liaisons
Committees of the Board

Finance – Alexander Topchy, CFA

Executive - Roman Iwachiw, CFA

Governance - Toshie Kabuto, CFA


Committees of the Society

External Relations - Victor Krasij, CFA and Matthew Malone, Esq., CFA 

Member Engagement - Joe Flippin and Randy Nordby, CFA 

Programs & Events - Stuart Cohen, CFA and Shep Buckman, CFA

Nominating - Shep Buckman, CFA


Click Here to learn about each committee and how to get involved.

 Past Chairs

Camille Alexander, CFA

Anna Martinez

Vipin Sahijwani, CFA (2012-2013) Peter B. Mackey, CFA (1992-1993) Lyell H. Ritchie Jr. (1972-1973)
Ann McGuire, CFA (2011-2012) Shelley C. Jennings, CFA (1991-1992) Robert E. Long, CFA (1971-1972)
Shawn G. DuBravac, CFA (2010-2011) Cynthia L. Keith, CFA (1990-1991) Charles H. Carabell (1970-1971)
John H. Escario, CFA (2009-2010) H. Gregory Platts (1989-1990) James M. Johnston III, CFA (1970-1971)
Daryl C. Dennis, CFA (2008-2009) Lillian H. Blucher, CFA (1988-1989) Thomas F. Clendenin (1969-1970)
Ellen B. Safir, CFA (2007-2008) Lois W. Burleigh, CFA (1987-1988) Winslow B. VanDevanter (1968-1969)
John Robert Pugh, Jr., CFA (2006-2007) Daniel G. Shannon, CFA (1986-1987) James J. Lynch (1967-1968)
John Robert Pugh, Jr., CFA (2005-2006) John E. Montgomery (1985-1986) Cornelius Ayer Wood (1966-1967)
Terence E. Burns, CFA (2004-2005) James M. MacIver, CFA (1984-1985) Gene L. Pulliam (1965-1966)
Kathleen B. Neumann, CFA (2003-2004) Ellen F. Martin (1983-1984) John A. Washington (1964-1965)
Michael L. Dawson, CFA (2002-2003) Michael F. Kelleher, CFA (1982-1983) Horace C. Buxton Jr., CFA (1963-1964)
Prabha S. Carpenter, CFA (2001-2002) Thornton D. Saffer (1981-1982) George M. Ferris Jr. (1962-1963)
John J. Szczur (2000-2001) Georgia K. Ledakis (1980-1981) Frederick E. Howe (1961-1962)
Barnard A. Buscemi, CFA (1999-2000) John A. McGraw, CFA (1979-1980) Norman D. Morgan (1960-1961)
Ingrid R. Hendershot, CFA (1998-1999) Peter W. Gavian, CFA (1978-1979) Peter Ladd Gilsey (1959-1960)
Frank R. Vetrano, CFA (1997-1998) Eugene B. Burroughs, CFA (1977-1978) William F. Johnson (1958-1959)
Patricia O. Hertzberg, CFA (1996-1997) Charles H. Carabell (1976-1977) O. H. Ritenour (1957-1958)
Thomas B. Missett Jr, CFA (1995-1996) Grace E. Taylor (1975-1976) Amerst E. Huson (1956-1957)
Robert A. Ernst, CFA (1994-1995) Robert T. Sweet (1974-1975) Nelson J. Foster (1955-1956)
Karen K. Edwards, CFA (1993-1994) Paul E. Vawter Jr., CFA (1973-1974) C. Ford Blanchard (1954-1955)