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Financial Valuation and Modeling Seminar

Jun 5, 9:00 AM - Jun 7, 5:00 PM

U.S. Equities Boom or Bust

12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

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5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

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The CFAW Corporate Partner Program is a strategic, year-round program designed to recognize CFAW's most active business partners. Members of the CFAW Corporate Partner Program have a history of generously investing both funding and content to support CFAW program development.   

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The Great Debate:
U.S. Equities: Boom or Bust?


Current Investment trends in the United States shift almost daily and present contrasting arguments as to whether U.S. Equities are a bubble ready to implode, or a great buying opportunity that still offers the best long-term investment available.

CFAW has gathered industry experts from different sides of the coin to have an engaging debate on the future direction of the U.S. Equity Markets. Join us on Wednesday, June 6th, 2018 12pm- 2pm to listen and participate in this productive debate that will cover the potential impact of increasing price volatility, increasing interest rates, changes in government regulations among different industry sectors, trade disputes, geo-political and other known or unknown events. 

**Lunch will be provided.

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​"Alternative Investments & Portfolio Diversification"
Alternative Investment_02.jpg      

On Thursday, May 10, 2018, CFAW was pleased to welcome four speakers to a panel discussion on Alternative investments and their role in various investment portfolios. Introduced by Stuart Cohen of The World Bank, the panel members included:

  • Maria Kozloski, CFA - Global Head & CIO, Private Equity Funds, IFC
  • Peter Chiappinelli, CFA - Portfolio Strategist, GMO Asset Allocation Team
  • Flora Li Hedrick, CFA - Managing Director of Investments, ICMA – RC,
  • Tatiana Chkourenko, CFA - Senior Investment Manager at IFC Asset Management Company (serving as moderator) 

For the purpose of the panel discussion, Alternative investments were classified as follows: Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Venture Capital, Commodities, and Real Estate. The diverse nature of the investment funds and programs represented by the respective panel members made for a deep and wide-ranging discussion on Alts as an asset class.

When asked about the challenges of investing in Alts, particular note was made of the difficulties associated with reliable benchmarking. Also of note, with regard to direct private investment in Emerging Markets was the lack of robust data sets for comparable investments. In terms of trends that panel participants were seeing in the Alts marketplace, the increasing size of funds and the possible effect on prospective returns was mentioned. Also discussed was an increase in co-investments, the concentration of investment opportunities in certain sectors, the effects of public market valuations on the prospective returns available to Alts investors, and backward-looking performance comparisons of funds composed of more traditional public asset mixes to those containing allocations to alternatives.

Alternative Investment_16 (1).JPG
Left to right: Maria Kozloski, Tatiana Chkourenko;  Flora Li Hedrick; Peter Chiappinelli
Speaking specifically about Venture Capital as an asset class, topics discussed included access to top-tier managers for new entrants to the space; the effects of technology expanding the opportunity set for investment outside of traditional marketplaces; and the effect of many large companies acquiring technological advancement through marketplace acquisitions instead of funding traditional R&D budgets. The final topic discussed was the increasing focus by funds and sponsors on ESG factors and the implications for various panel members' investment programs. The discussion was followed by a brief Q&A period before concluding the event.

Contributed By:
Matthew Hummel 

Successful Career Transitions

IMG_1301.jpg On Thursday, May 3rd, CFA-DC was pleased to welcome a panel of four industry leaders to speak about successful career transitions. The panel included Julie Dellinger, former VP of Investments at ICMA-RC; Ellen Safir, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of New Century Advisors; Michael Hickey, Managing Director, Director of Washington, DC Region, Glenmede; and Heather O'Neill Jelks, President, Nautilus Coaching and Consulting, serving as moderator.

The panel was introduced by Leigh Talbot, Director of Client Relations at New Century Advisors, with notable thanks going to Kathy Cong, Associate Risk Officer at IFC, for serving as an organizer for the event.

IMG_1289.jpg Left to right: Heather O'Neil, Julie Dellinger, Ellen Safir, Michael Hickey

Going across the panel, each speaker gave a synopsis of their respective careers, with specific attention paid to their various transitions, the reasons for them, and the challenges/benefits associated. There was a strong emphasis on the value of networking, with specific mention being made to the value of the CFA-DC organization and that of LinkedIn. Also, notably discussed was the value of creating a pro/con list for each successive transition, and weighting the items appropriately, in addition to the value of being willing and able to take a risk and the considerations involved (including family and financial considerations). The benefit of having mentors and trusted advisors was also discussed at length, as was the willingness to adapt to circumstances and learn on the job.

Finally, there was a discussion about the benefits of developing soft skills – with particular attention paid to being able to express ideas succinctly, clearly, and persuasively. The discussion concluded with a Q&A session where questions were asked and answered about the value of continuing education, technical skill development, and the networking landscape of the financial community in the Washington, D.C. area.

Contributed By:
Matthew Hummel

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