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 CFA Society West Michigan

Our Society promotes ethical and professional standards within the investment industry, encourages professional development through the CFA Program, and facilitates the open exchange of information and opinions. As one of the 155 member societies of CFA Institute, our society connects members to a global network of investment professionals over 163​,000 strong known for their expertise and integrity.​​​​

 Why Pick a Charterholder?

For Investors
Learn more about partnering with a CFA charterholder By partnering with a CFA charterholder, you’re partnering with an investment manager who always puts investors first — someone with proven knowledge and who’s fully equipped to navigate the uncertainties of the financial world. Learn More


For Employers
Learn more about hiring a CFA charterholderBy hiring a CFA charterholder, you’re hiring someone with unparalleled financial knowledge and the communication skills to convey even the most complicated financial matters to your clients — you’re hiring someone who’ll contribute to the integrity and credibility of your organization. Learn More


For Investment Management Professionals
Learn how to get involved with the CFA ProgramThe CFA Program provides investment professionals with a strong foundation in advanced investment analysis, real-world portfolio management skills, and a passion for always putting clients’ interests first.​ Learn More


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 2019 Forecasting Challenge

Congratulations to this year's winner - Devrim Yaman, CFA.  Dr. Yaman is the winner with the closest forecast to the closing price as of May 31st for both the individual and the S&P 500.​

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