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 What is Advocacy ?

Advocacy means speaking up about ethics and professional standards, supporting fair and transparent financial markets and practices, and protecting the interests of investors.

Advocacy involves contributing to members’ education, building and maintaining relations with the regulatory agencies and other professional organizations, and commenting on initiatives by the regulators.

What fields does it cover?

Advocacy at CFA Society France covers: ethics, capital markets & asset management, and financial analysis.
Please refer to these 3 sections, as well as “Recent Advocacy Conferences”, “Recent Consultations” and “Upcoming Projects & Conferences” to consider joining our action.

How to volunteer for Advocacy

The Advocacy Guide describes 3 possible levels of involvement, and how advocacy can be achieved by local societies:
• Member Education
• Industry Awareness
• Policy Makers / Regulators

CFA Institute Practical Guide to Advocacy for Societies

​​If you wish to volunteer, please email:, including the level of involvement you'd consider.

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Capital Markets & Asset Management


Advocating for clear and transparent disclosures

Providing clear and transparent disclosures is key for investors’ education and trust in financial markets.

Topic: Benchmarks and Indices:

Topic: Best practice for ETFs 


 ‭(Hidden)‬ Ethics


The Code of Ethics & Standards of Professional Conduct is the foundation of CFA institute’s work on ethics, standards and best practice guidelines.

The Standards of Practice Handbook provides guidance to the people who deal with real ethical dilemmas in the investment profession on a daily basis; it is the fundamental element of ethics education effort of CFA institute and the primary resource for guidance in interpreting and implementing the Code. 

Although most developed markets have established their codes for asset management, the CFA Institute Asset Manager Code sets forth a comprehensive set of ethical and professional standards for asset management firms of all types, sizes, and locations. It has been adopted by more than 500 firms worldwide. See list

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Financial Analysis


Advocating for transparent disclosures in financial reporting

Enhancing Disclosures:

Promoting better transparency for investors with the objective of efficient capital allocation is key.


Upcoming Projects & Conferences [including projects where looking for volunteers]

  • ‘Banks: What does Enhanced Transparency look like?’ – Conference Project Sept - Oct 2013
  • ‘How to assess Active versus Passive asset management?’ –  Conference Project Oct 2013
  • Financial Report USER FORUM –  (Financial Analysis)