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 CFA® Program Preparation

We at CFA Society Bahrain want all our candidates to pass each level of the CFA exam and we thrive to support your preparation every step of the way.  

Each year, to set you off on the right path we organise a Kick off meeting in October/November open to candidates at every level and interested parties. During this meeting, we give you an overview of the exam and provide hints on how to organise your time and efforts.  There is ample opportunity to ask questions before an informal cocktail where you can meet other candidates and eventually form study groups (see below).

We also organise two Mock Exams, each a couple of weeks before the real deal. These are held in a university classroom to provide the same conditions as the proper exam.


 Kick off Meeting

Kick off Meeting

  • What is the best way to prepare?
  • How should you organise your work?

This meeting is designed to support you in your preparation by presenting you with tips on how to organize your studies and answer your questions on the exam, the preparation and the following steps and how best to prepare for it. See the presentation.

 Study Groups

Join our CFA Society Bahrain LinkedIn group and form or find a study group!


New Members have to be approved (normally within 1 week).

 CFA® Program

Learn more from CFA Institute about the CFA designation and its significance.