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CFA Institute is a global organization with numerous local societies all around the globe that bring us closer to local communities.

CFA Society Bahrain is the local society looking after our community in Bahrain

There are two membership categories with CFA Society Bahrain:

  • Regular Membership
  • Affiliate Membership

Both classes enjoy the same benefits except that Affiliate members do not have voting right and can not sponsor potential members to join our society. Regular membership is a prerequisite to be awarded the CFA charter.

Membership benefits include: 

  • Education — access to publications, webcasts, refresher readings, special offers, news, Continuing Education programs, study groups and educational sessions.
  • Career — access to a specialized job-openings database, tools, resources, career events and surveys. CFA Bahrain also leverages on its network of relationships with potential employers and career agencies to place its members in appropriate job posts.
  • Networking — access to Member Directory where you can find contacts from around the globe and priority invitations to local events where you can make new friends.


 Applying for Membership

You will need to first apply for membership in CFA Institute and simultaneously apply for membership in CFA Society Bahrain by going through the following process: 
  1. Visit the CFA Institute website and complete the on-line membership application form.
  2. In the on-line application, select CFA Society Bahrain as your local society.
  3. To complete the application, you will also need to provide professional references to support your application. The number of references required is either:
    • 2 professional references: if one is an active regular member of CFA Society Bahrain; or 
    • 3 professional references, if none of them is an active regular member of CFA Society Bahrain.

    Once you have identified the willing persons, you will enter their names and email addresses on your online membership application form and they will be sent links via email to complete a reference on your behalf.

Learn more about membership or contact us for help. 

 Regular membership requirements

Applications for Regular membership are administered by CFA Institute.

 Affiliate membership requirements

 Manage your membership

Already a member? Find out how to manage your membership.

Adding or Changing Your Local Society

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Changing your membership status
  • Upgrade from Affiliate to Regular membership.
  • Request a change from full membership to retired membership or vice versa.
  • Request reinstatement of membership.
To request any of the above changes, download, complete and return the relevant form from CFA Institute website or submit the request through your online account.
Please contact us at for assistance.



 Subscription Fees

Current CFA Institute membership subscription is $275.00 ($100.00 for retired members).

Current membership subscription for CFA Society Bahrain is $75 for Regular Membership (or $25 for Affiliate Membership).