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 QODWA- The Mentorship Program

CFA Society Bahrain (CFAB) acknowledges the importance of coaching and mentorship in career and academic development. Given the intensity and unique nature of the CFA Program, its completion and success can be greatly streamlined and improved through receiving guidance and mentorship of a seasoned charter holder. 

QODWA, CFA Society Bahrain's Mentorship Program is designed to pair members and candidates who are best suited to realize their full potential together while ensuring the success of each individual as they achieve their academic and professional goals. The program works on 2 principles:

  1. Upholds CFAB's vision of giving maximum value to its member &​ candidates. The program aims to pass on the knowledge and experiences of senior charter holders (mentors) and trains them to help candidates (mentees) with specific goals. It also offers an opportunity for participants to develop stronger leadership skills and networking opportunities and build a dynamic community of professionals.
  2. Works on the concept of Paying It Forward, hence providing a holistic development. The program trains its mentors who in turn train the mentees and the cycle follows.


Take your time to grow, and then invest in growing others!

P  A  Y     I T      F  O R  W  A  R  D

 Structure of the program

How it works
  • Apply as either a mentor or mentee by the set deadline.
  • Interview sessions to be taken place for the shortlisted participants to assess their capabilities and requirements by the team of Qodwa. 
  • Experienced mentors are contacted and assigned to motivated mentees based on suitability in terms of career stage, role type and identified goals for 6 months on a 1-to-1 basis.
  • A launch shall be attended by the pairs to receive a formal orientation, establish their goals and outcomes along with a timetable and framework for regular contact throughout the program.
  • Mentors and mentees will then get in contact on a regular basis to progress towards achievement of the mentee's goals. This includes checkpoints/progress reports to be recorded and submitted thereby ensuring mentors and mentees stay productive. 
    Meetings are decided based on the pairs' discretion, with no direct involvement from the team of Qodwa.
  • All participants will be invited to a closing event at the end of the program to review their experience and celebrate together the goals set and achieved – and our most fulfilled "QODWA Success Partners" (wherein the top 2 pairs are recognised and awarded).
Who can apply?

CFA Society Bahrain Members are eligible to apply as Mentors and Candidates as Mentees. Applicants must be willing to make a commitment to the program and to accept the challenges and responsibilities that accompany the opportunity.  
​​Application Process
  • Interested members/candidates can apply through the link in the invitations sent to them on their email ids. 
  • CVs and Psychometric tests results need to be atta​ched in the application form in order to assess the applicant.
  • Interviews will be scheduled with the shortlisted participants to further assess their suitability.

Applications for the 2020-2021 program are now open!   

Duration & Arrangements

  • The program will typically last for 6-9 months
  • During the program, it is expected that the mentor and mentee have a minimum of 4 meetings with the rest of the modes of communication being their other alternatives. The details of the meetings and calls are up to the pairs' discretion, within the set framework.
  • Training sessions exclusively for the mentors will be held as3 sessions X 4 hours each. A 1 on 1 session post the above training of the mentor with the trainer will also be held​​ to assess the mentor's overall development and any pending points that they might need to work on.
    Upon successfully completing the training, the mentors will be given Certificates of completion. 
  • Checkpoints throughout the program will include the following:
    - Filling in a meeting record sheet by the mentee post every meeting.  
    - Monthly assessment forms sent out by the Qodwa team will need to be submitted by each participant.
    - Final report submission by the mentee to the team. 
    This ensures that the pairs work efficiently towards their set goals. The forms/assessment sheets shall be provided in the Qodwa toolkit given to the participants at the launch. 
  • Feedback post the closing ceremony will include a survey questionnaire with the participant's reviews and recommendations.


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​​​Become a Mentor Become a Mentee
Why be a Mentor?
  • Develop leadership skills as you set goals, coach, motivate and empower your mentee.
  • Get trained and certified by world-class professional trainers in mentorships and related personality development. 
  • Enhance your communication and networking skills.
  • Personal satisfaction from sharing experience and competencies along with contributing to someone's professional development.
  • Fulfilling way to give back to the financial community.
  • Be recognized for your contribution to one of CFA Society Bahrain's programs.

Mentor Eligibility

  • Must be a CFA charter holder and a member of CFA Society Bahrain.
  • Recommended to have 7+ years' work experience.
  • Previous coaching or mentoring experience is preferable. On the job experience as part of his/her daily role also satisfies this criterion.
  • Able to commit to one-to-one mentoring with mentee with contact at least monthly, through calls, emails or other forms of communication with face-to-face meetings recommend at least every two months.
Why be a Mentee?
  • One to one coaching towards an academic or professional career goal.
  • Learn from the guidance and experience of a more seasoned professional.
  • Better knowledge of strengths and weaknesses through a sincere analysis.
  • Receive constructive and relevant feedback and tips from a professional with a similar background.
  • Be recognized for your contribution to one of CFA Society Bahrain's programs.


Mentee Eligibility

  • Must be a current candidate of CFA Society Bahrain.
  • Have a specific academic or career goal they would like to work on which requires mentor guidance.
  • Looking for mentor support to prep them for the CFA Program or provide insights for career advancement.
Additional Benefits
  • Become part of CFA Society Bahrain volunteer community.
  • Build new networks with your fellow mentors and their mentees.
  • 2-way holistic development through relationship building and appreciation of collective accomplishments.
  • Certificate of completion by the end of the Program presented by the Society Board.​​​

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