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Webinar: How Fiduciary Advisors Can Optimize After-Tax Outcomes with PPLI / PPVA

Event Description

Tax efficiency. Asset protection. Estate and transfer tax mitigation and/or elimination.

The marketplace for PPLI and PPVA products has decades of history behind it, however, these solutions remain a relatively under-utilized tool amongst many Ultra-High Net Worth clients, Family Offices, and their Advisors.

In today’s ever-changing world, high income-earning clients as well as others of significant wealth are limited in their ability to participate in qualified and other tax-advantaged planning strategies.

This takes on added significance in a world where many states continue to raise income tax rates, and uncertainty regarding future Federal income and estate tax thresholds continues to cloud clients’ and their advisors’ investment decisions.

Further, recent efforts by the Department of Labor have made clear that the advisor of tomorrow will be held to a heightened standard as it relates to client suitability.

How can these solutions be utilized to benefit high income earning and other ultra-wealthy clients? 

In addition, how can advisors utilize these solutions as an additional “arrow in their quiver” to expand their influence within the Ultra-High Net Worth and Family Office clients, while at the same time differentiating their practice from the competition?

How Fiduciary Advisors Can Optimize After-Tax Outcomes with PPLI / PPVA provides an insider’s look into the nascent and growing marketplace that is private placement insurance and annuity products. Learn about the history of this corner of the life insurance and annuities marketplace.

Review the statutory underpinnings for these products. Explore the current product marketplace, as well as recent developments that have helped to make this a much more client and advisor-friendly product.

Whether you are a fiduciary, financial advisor, asset manager, CPA, attorney, or insurance professional, the presenters deconstruct several commonly-held myths associated with these products, and also outline how you play a pivotal role in its implementation for the client.

Explore how you can use these solutions to differentiate your practice from your peers, as well as potentially develop a long term, recurring source of revenue for your firm’s bottom line.

In addition, the presenters walk through several real-world case studies that demonstrate how PPLI and PPVA can be utilized to generate better after-tax outcomes for a wide variety of clients and client types.

Agenda for How Fiduciary Advisors Can Optimize After-Tax Outcomes Using PPLI /PPVA includes:
- Overview of the fiduciary standard
- Brief history of marketplace
- Statutory guidelines
- Marketplace overview
- Investment flexibility
- Applications with clients
- Key Takeaways/Action Steps

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Society; Career; Educational; Featured

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7/28/2020 12:00 PM

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7/28/2020 1:00 PM





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Rick Roche, CAIA and David C. Reynolds, CFP®, Spearhead

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​CFA Society Baltimore and Spearhead

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Webinar: How Fiduciary Advisors Can Optimize After-Tax Outcomes with PPLI / PPVA


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