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Baltimore Business Review

New! 2020 Baltimore Business Review

The CFA Society Baltimore is excited and proud to launch the eleventh edition of the Baltimore Business Review, our collaborative publication with the Towson University College of Business and Economics.
This publication represents an important partnership between CFA Society Baltimore and Towson University. It is the fruit of the labor of the editorial team - Lijing Du, Ph.D., Jian Huang, Ph.D., Assistant Professors Towson University, Department of Finance and Farhan S. Mustafa, CFA, Board Member CFA Society Baltimore and Niall H. O’Malley, Advisory Board Member, CFA Society Baltimore - as well as Rick Pallansch and Chris Komisar from the Towson University Creative Services design team. We could not have produced this excellent journal without all the contributors who have done such a superb job.

CFA Society Baltimore would like to gratefully acknowledge the Towson University College of Business and Economics. The Baltimore Business Review leverages the relative strengths of both organizations to create an outstanding resource that showcases Maryland’s business opportunities.