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 Membership Dues

To become a member of CFA Society Beijing, you shall pay the dues after your application has been approved.  The fiscal year of CFA Society Beijing runs from 1 July to 30 June, the same with CFA Institute.

Please note CFA Institute dues are to paid separate from CFA Society Beijing dues. CFA Society Beijing collects its own dues. The following is the ways to pay the membership dues:​

1.Online Dues:

      CFABJ2017--2018 Membership​

2. Annual Dues : RMB500 (Pay directly to CFA Society Beijing in RMB).  

    a. Bank Transfer online: pay the membership due to the Society bank account online directly

    Account names:北京金融分析师协会
    Opening bank of name: 中信银行北京金运大厦支行
    Opening Bank account number: 7112710195700007708

    b. Pay the cash on the events, and please note the details of events. 

An CFA Society Beijing membership should also be a member of CFA Institute. So our members shall also pay the Annual Dues of CFA Institute. For the Annual Dues of CFA Institute, please refer to the information posted on CFA Institute's website

If you have any questions, please send your request to us at . ​

 Benefits of Society Membership

  •       Voting Right : Our regular members are welcomed to attend Annual General Meeting or use proxy to elect society Board of Directors and important issues such as amendment to society bylaws.
  •       Push notification of CFA events : Upon subscription, our members receive push notifications of recent CFA events via email, Wechat and Weibo. 
  •       Social and Career Networking Events : There are many events throughout the year in various categories which allow members to network for social or career reasons. Members can participate in the events for free or at a discount rate.
  •       Educational Seminars : We organize regular professional educational events every month, covering topics such as private equity, hedge fund and fixed income. Most are free of charge for members.
  •       Access to Online Job Opportunity Information : We have a solid career development team, who collect and update our online job opportunity section regularly. Our members have the free access to the information with priority.
  •       Volunteer Opportunity : Opportunities to be a volunteer at local and global level for further self-development
  •       Entrance to Other Professional Organization Programs : We have regular contacts with other professional organizations. Our members gain certain number of free / discounted admissions to their professional training programs and social events.

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