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 CFA Society Belgium

CFA Society Belgium promotes ethical and professional standards within the investment industry, encourages professional development through the CFA Program, and facilitates the open exchange of information and opinions.


Networking through 2017 and 2018

Networking is a word that makes most people want to run out of the building. Although, most recognise that networking is crucial for career development, most of us, however, don't know how to effectively develop this skill. We would like to help you. CFA Society Belgium is proud to present a series of 4 events and training sessions throughout the year that will help you progress in this area.

The first event – held on 18 October 2017, is an interactive session which will give those attending the tools to effectively connect with new people.

After this first event, we will ask if you wish to continue this personal development stream with us. We will kindly ask you to confirm your participation. The only request will be your commitment to attend at least 2 out of 3 subsequent events!

The next event dates are:
•           30 November - Speed networking: putting theory into practice
•           22 February 2018 - Sharing best practice with testimonials of seniors
•           31 May 2018 - Teambuilding workshop

Check out our Events Calendar for further events.

 Recent events

Annual Forecast Event 2018

24 January, 2018

The event provided attendees with a trip around the global economy in which current financial and economic forecasts where discussed by Koen De Leus (Chief Economist at BNP Paribas Fortis), Didier Borowski (Head of Strategy and Economic Research at Amundi), and Alain Durre (Senior European Economist at Goldman Sachs). 

 Forecast Dinner.JPG


Charter Awards Ceremony 2017

4 December, 2017

Completing the CFA Program and becoming a CFA Charterholder represent truly significant achievements in one's professional development and commitment to lifelong learning. As it is the tradition in Belgium, we hosted a formal Award Ceremony for on Monday 4 December 2017, where Charters were awarded in the presence of Dr Papa, PhD, CPA, CFA from CFA Institute and Hein Hardy, President of CFA Society Belgium.

During the ceremony, attendees heard from Dr. Eelco Fiole, CFA, CDir on Risk-Based Investment Governance.

This ceremony was followed by a Christmas reception, the perfect occasion to network with existing Charterholders, future Charterholders and members of our Society. See event pictures.

 Charter Award pic for website.jpg


Speednetowking: Putting Theory into Practice

30 November, 2017

Our second networking event took place on 30 November. During this interactive session attendees had the opportunity to play games while dining which allow them to apply directly the learnings, Christoph Lemke, from the first session in October. Chris also helped moderate the session on this ocassion, providing great advice and insight to those taking part.

 30 Nov networking.jpg


Investing in Private Equity

16 November, 2017

During this evening we took a deep dive in the world of Private Equity. Luc Vanbriel of the KBC Pension Fund explained the Private Equity allocation in the pension fund and expressed the challenges and questions he still has on this asset class. Philip Walton of Cambridge Associates, used extensive data and analysis to give an overview of the market  and fund performances while Thomas Dewever of Smile Invest went through two cases where he showed how private equity investors can create value for their investors.



Network effectively - How to break the ice

October 18, 2017

Networking: how to break the ice? Our first session on networking was an interactive session on how to effectively connect with new people. Chris Lemke, our speaker, gave valuable tricks and tips that we can use in the future.

Jeroen Michiels, CFA, says 'The networking event provided an excellent refresher on how to have a “triple A” conversation with someone: “Answer, Add & Ask back”

networking event 18 Oct.jpg 


 Member and Candidate Networking Drink                                                                           

September 14, 2017

Overview: Our traditional kick-off drink took place the 14 September, at Kwint. It was a nice opportunity to network with peers in a relaxed setting and with an exquisite view on the Mont des Arts. See event pictures.













Market Abuse Regulation Demystification                                                                             

April 27, 2017

Overview: The event focuses on Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) and how it came into effect on 3 July 2016.  It aims to increase market integrity and investor protection. It contains prohibitions of insider dealing, unlawful disclosure of inside information and market manipulation, and provisions to prevent and detect these. 


What is New in Lease Accounting                                                                               

March 21, 2017

Overview: According to the IASB, over 85 per cent of all leases are estimated to be off balance sheet today. As a result, investors often adjust the financial statements to recognise estimated assets and liabilities arising from operating leases and adjust EBIT or EBITDA and interest. IFRS 16 Leases eliminates the distinction between operating and finance leases and requires all leases to be recognised on the balance sheet, with some optional exemptions.

What does IFRS 16 mean for investors?

We expect that industries such as airlines, retailers, travel and leisure will be most affected as they currently use operating leases extensively. So far, investors have said that IFRS 16 will increase comparability and the relevance of information in the financial statements, and reduce the need to make adjustments. Nonetheless, the lack of full convergence between US-GAAP and IFRS lease accounting might require investors to make adjustments to allow for cross-border peer comparability.

Andrew Watchman was a key speaker at this event and is a CEO and TEG Chairman at EFRAG.


Examining the State of Systemic Risk Reforms: A Discussion with Jean-Claude Trichet & Sir

Paul Tucker                                                                                                                  

February 9, 2017

Overview: An evening event with Jean-Claude Trichet, former President of the European Central Bank and Senior Advisor to the Systemic Risk Council, and Sir Paul Tucker, Chair of the Systemic Risk Council and former Deputy Governor of the Bank of England, on the state of systemic risk reforms was held on 9th February 2017 at the National Bank of Belgium. 

The event focused on eight years on from the economic crisis, what lessons has our industry learnt? Have new regulations met their objectives or could they be made more effective? Have we fixed too-big-to-fail? What is the scope of macroprudential policy and how might it impact the investment management industry?

230 delegates attended the event. 

 SRC Event.jpg

CFA Charter Award Ceremony                                                                                                                      

January 12, 2017

Overview: CFA Society Belguim organized a Cheese & Wine evening reception to congratulate and welcome this year's new CFA Charterholders on January 12, 2017 held in Radisson Blu Royal Hotel.  

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