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Artificial Intelligence: How it Really Works

Event Description

History of AI – We will walk through a brief summary of how Artificial Intelligence has developed over the years.

Neural Networks – What is going on in the black box and how can neural networks be used in forecasting. One application that we will look at is forecasting Intra-Alberta Natural Gas Demand.

Clustering – We will discuss how machine learning can be used to group data that is similar to one another. This may be applied to grouping customers for marketing campaigns or stocks for investment decisions.


Reinforcement Learning – We will discuss how to make machines “think” for themselves. We will discuss the theory behind this, and we will see it in practice as we watch the computer learn how to play black jack and then we will see how it can be applied to stock picking.


There is no prerequisite knowledge required to understand this material as we will be discussing the theory in a simple to understand fashion in which we don’t dive into complex math or code.​

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Society; Career; Educational

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5/23/2019 11:15 AM

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5/23/2019 1:00 PM





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NBIN Training Room - 1780 700 6 Ave SW


Bret Dunwoodie, CFA

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