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 Volunteer Opportunities

CFA Society Calgary relies on its volunteers to assist in delivering quality programs and events, and we encourage you to get involved. To apply for one of the volunteer positions available, please send us an email letting us know which position you are interested in.

General Events Volunteer
Add your name to our event volunteer roster. Volunteer for one, or volunteer for all! Commitment and responsibility varies with each event but typically includes: set up, signage, registration, Q&A facilitation, and tear down. All event volunteers receive complimentary attendance to the event they are working.

Term: 1 year +
Commitment: varies, a typical luncheon or breakfast event requires a 2 hour commitment

Members and candidates are invited to apply.

CFA Institute Research Challenge hosted in the Canadian Prairies
The CFA Institute Research Challenge is an educational initiative in which leading industry professionals actively promote best practices in securities research to students from the world's top business schools. Over the course of the competition, university teams are mentored by industry professionals in writing an equity research report on a publicly traded company. Each level of the Research Challenge culminates in a presentation and defense of that research to a panel of investment industry experts, who select the best presentation. The winning teams advance to participate in Regional competitions hosted in Asia Pacific, EMEA, and the Americas.

Industry Mentors
​​​Your role as an industry mentor is to impart a "real-world" industry p​erspective into the students' theoretical knowledge base. Industry Mentors should not be responsible for teaching students how to perform specific analysis. Industry Mentors will review the team's written work and presentation and will provide comments only. Industry Mentors should be CFA charterholders with at least five years of experience in a position focusing on company analysis. Contact with the students is limited to six hours total prior to submitting the written report plus an additional two hours for each of the local, regional, or global finals in which the team participates.

Industry Mentors receive 1 CE credit and 1 SER credit.

Your rol​e as a grader is to review and critique the written research reports from teams. You will be given a 3 week time period to review them. You will score each section and provide constructive comments to the teams on their reports based on a predetermined point system. The time you spend will vary, but an average is 2 hours per report.

Graders are analysts, portfolio managers, or other professionals with experience in either preparing or reading sell-side research.

Graders receive 4 CE credits.

Your role as a judge is to listen to the student presentations (10 minutes in length), quiz the students on their research and recommendation, and evaluate them accordingly. No advance preparation is needed.

The commitment for the position is as a judge on a panel on the day of the presentations. The presentations run from 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM, lunch is provided, with the announcement of the winning team following.

Judges receive 4 CE credits.

Your role as a Timekeeper is to sit in on the presentations to time and provide a "One Minute" warning to the presenting team. The time commitment for timekeepers is the full day of presentations.

Your role as an Usher is to organize the teams assigned to your room, ensuring they are ready to go once the Timekeeper indicates the Judges are ready for the next presentation. Ushers ensure that the upcoming team quietly waits their turn and cannot hear any other presentations. Ushers also ensure that no one enters the presentation room once a team has started. The time commitment is the full day of presentations.

Calgary​ Portfolio Management Trust (CPMT)
The CPMT was established in 1995 as a joint v​enture between the University of Calgary and CFA Society Calgary. It is a specialized finance program that serves to provide e students from all concentrations an educational experience beyond a traditional classroom. Selected students are given the opportunity to manage a real-money portfolio of Canadian equities currently valued at over $400,000. Guided by industry leaders, these students develop valuable knowledge and skills in equity research, spreadsheet modeling, database management, portfolio tracking, teamwork, public relations, and investment skills. Involvement in the CPMT is a great way to gain hands on experience with financial analysis and decision-making. Graduates of the program have acquired positions in investment banking, corporate finance, management consulting, wealth management, equity research, private equity, and sales & trading. The program has a strong network of alumni located in financial centres around the world such as London, New York, Toronto and Calgary. ​

Mentors - to be matched with a single student

Speaker Series speakers - leading financial professionals discuss their experiences and careers as well as best practices and current trends in the industry. The talks on campus are open to students in all years of their program and in all concentrations.

For more information regarding these and other volunteer opportunities with the CPMT, please contact Thomas Holloway, CFA at 


​Congratulations to our Volunteer of the Year, Tyler Axani, CFA!


Tyler has been involved with the Society for over three years, beginning with event assistance and most recently, joining the Education Committee. He is always willing to go above and beyond and is an incredible asset to the Society. In addition to his volunteer work, he holds the position of operations accountant at Surge Energy, and earned his CFA Charter in 2019.

The Volunteer of the Year is an annual tradition meant to recognize the hard work and dedication of our volunteers. Each year's Volunteer of the Year is recognized at the Annual Forecast Dinner.


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For more information regarding volunteer opportunitites with CPMT, please contact Thomas Holloway, CFA.