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 Investment Principles

​Produced by CFA Montréal, we are pleased to make available these two series of informative and educational fact sheets for investors and professionals in the financial services industry.
Titled INVESTMENT PRINCIPLES, the documents developed for investors aim to help understand the key elements of retirement planning and thus avoid making the most common types of investment error. They also intend to enrich the communication between investors and the financial professionals to whom they entrust their investments.
The documents written for professionals aim to contribute to acquired knowledge and increase financial literacy.

 Essentials of a More Secure Retirement

Key principles and practices to reach your retirement goals

Your ability to achieve a secure retirement and live comfortably after your working years depends on how you get started, how you keep it going, and invest wisely. Why is this important?

A more secure retirement depends on:

  • how long you are retired,
  • how much you spend before and after retirement,
  • how much you have saved, and
  • how well you invest.

Use these tools, planning insights, and suggestions to help plan for your future.

Download the Essentials of a More Secure Retirement

Download the French version

 Future State of the Investment Profession

The investment management industry is facing significant disruptive forces, internally and externally. Shifting regulatory environments and new macroeconomic conditions in addition to current trends in digitization and commoditization and new tech-centric business models will necessitate changes in the industry.

The Future State of the Investment Profession study explores what these changes might look like and identifies ways to influence the future state of the profession for best possible outcomes.

Future State of the Investment Profession Executive Summary

 Who is CFA Institute?

CFA Institute is a global, nonprofit member organization of financial analysts, portfolio managers, and other investment professionals.