CFA Societies Canada



Top Row: Frederick Chenel, CFA,  Dan Lavallee, CFA, David Smith, CFA, Daniel Spencer, CFA, Robert Luck, CFA
Bottom Row: Shaila Ekramoddoullah,​ CFA, Jessie Bobinski, CFA, Gordon Fawcett, CFA, Ty Saunders, CFA, Mathieu Doucet, CFA, Johann Kuntze, CFA, Wesley Blight, CFA
Absent: Johanna Salloum, CFA, Rodney​ Babineau, CFA
​2018-2019 Board of Directors

David Smith, CFA - Chair and Presidents Council Representative
Ty Saunders, CFA - CFA Society Atlantic Canada
Daniel Spencer, CFA - CFA Society Calgary
Rodney Babineau, CFA - CFA Society Edmonton
Frederick Chenel, CFA - CFA Montréal
Gordon Fawcett, CFA - CFA Society Okanagan
Wesley Blight, CFA - CFA Society Ottawa
Mathieu Doucet, CFA - CFA Qué​bec
Johanna Salloum, CFA - CFA Society Saskatchewan
Daniel Lavallee, CFA - CFA Society Toronto
Jessie Bobinski, CFA - CFA Society Vancouver
Johann Kuntze, CFA - CFA Society Victoria
Shaila Ekramoddoullah,​ CFA - CFA Soci​ety Winnipeg
Robert Luck, CFA - CFA Institute​​

 Staff Directory

Candice Szpruta (Spencer)
National Project and Relationship Manager
Candice is responsible for managing an​d executing projects undertaken by the entity on behalf of the twelve CFA Institute member societies in Canada. She is also responsible for the day-to-day business operations of CFA Societies Canada’s office. Working alongside the Managing Director and relevant volunteers, Candice will liaise with key stakeholders and execute and oversee activities related to implementation of the strategic objectives of the organization.​
Candice has a Diploma in Business Administration Management from George Brown College.

Sandra-Lee Shaw
Administrative Assistant

Sandra-Lee is responsible for supporting the work of the staff of the association and providing logistical support to the Board of Directors and Committees of the association. Sandra-Lee will support the Managing Director in his or her outreach to and engagement with regulators, societies, and committees of the board; and will support the National Project and Relationship Manager in the liaison with societies, committees, the board of CFA Societies Canada, and external resources as needed; and for providing support on implementation of projects associated with the strategic objectives of the organization.