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 Society Leadership

"Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people." The CFA Society Cayman Islands thanks all our leadership of volunteers who committ time to helping meet our goals. 



President: David Luu, CFA​

Vice President & Advocacy: Marcelo Suarez Castillo, CFA

Treasurer: Christopher Wiltshire, CFA

Secretary: Laren Gillespie, CFA

Membership: David Luu, CFA

Programs: Gautam Ganeshan, CFA

Programs: Amy Hubble, CFA​

Programs: Nancy Euvrard, CFA

Programs: Emil Kalinowski, CFA

Education: Manisha Gupta, CFA

Education & Membership: Richard Maparura, CFA

Education & Advocacy: Brendalee Scott Novak, CFA

Past President: Jessica Jablonowski, CFA 

Society Staff: Candice Wilson

Society Operations Specialist - Melissa Mawyer, CMP

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Jessica Jablonowski, CFA 2017-2018

Michael Garofalo, CFA 2016-2017
Monique Frederick, CFA 2014-2016
Simon Cawdery, CFA 2013-2014
Laren Gillespie, CFA 2012-2013
Geoffrey Ruddick, CFA 2011-2012
Russell J. Burt, CFA 2010-2011
Arthur A. Dzaghgouni, CFA 2009-2010
Gregory S. Bennett, CFA 2008-2009
Mark Fagan, CFA 2006-2008
Ray J. Iler, CFA 2004-2006
Andrew W. Linford, CFA   2002-2004
Peter A. Webster, CFA   2000-2002
Bradley James Cooke, CFA   2000
Desmond H. Kinch, CFA   1999-2000
Marc G. Vanmarsenille   1996-1998

 About CFA Institute

CFA Institute is a global, nonprofit member organization of financial analysts, portfolio managers, and other investment professionals.