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As of August 2011, China has over 2,000 CFA Institute members, and becomes one of the fastest growing markets. China also sees the highest growth in the number of new Level I exam registrations.
According to the July 2011 demographic of members in China, their investment practices are broken down into the following categories: 38.1% as equities; 15.1% as fixed income; 14.6% as private equity and venture capital; 6.6% as commodities, derivatives and foreign currency; 3% as real estate; and 22.6% as other.

根据2011年7月会员概况,CFA中国会员在投资领域中的职业分布状况为:38.1%从事股票,15.1% 从事固定收益,14.6%从事私募股权和风险投资,6.6%从事于商品、衍生品和外汇,3%从事于房地产,22.6%从事其他投资工作。