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Kevin Wojton, Technology Workshop: Diving into coding/How to leverage technology effectively

Event Description

​Kevin Wojton, Python Coding Learn and Lunch

Summary/Needed Materials: 

Technology Workshop: Diving into coding/How to leverage technology effectively 

Topics covered: 
- who I am, why are we learning these things. How technology can be applied to any business 
- context of what technology is out there. (HTML/CSS/C++/Java/Javascript/Python) 

- why we try to use open source technology for web applications  (Python/Javascript) 

- Python syntax discussion / go through basic coding demonstration (basic syntax, types, functions) 

- try to run through a simple exercise (ie put up an example then have the people work on the problem) 

- do another quick coding demonstration (if statements/for loops) 

- unwind all that we went over. Discuss how this is the foundation of coding, and how it is important to master python before moving to web apps 
- describe what django is and why we use django/python for web applications 

- talk about next possible steps if anyone wanted to learn more (hack nights/coding workshops at Flux makerspace). Talk about how coding is reachable even if you don't have any experience in software development. 
- talk about how to apply this knowledge to financial business/apps. Give examples of work Flux does in this world, ie automating informational dashboard.  
- Talk about how Flux's culture and how it can be a resource for anyone or any business.

- Talk about how exciting it is to be in CLE right now and how the many many organizations Kevin is involved at are all working to create a culture that helps the most amount of people. 


Suggested Reading:


Required Materials:
- A laptop, mac is preferred but windows works too! 

- an open mind, and an interest in helping others 


Kevin Wojton, a Cleveland native, started his career working in investment banking in NYC, and the in automated trading in Hong Kong. After spending ~4 years working in Finance Kevin transitioned to running high-growth technology companies as software developer and business leader in NYC. Kevin was able to help take a few technology companies from pre-revenue to series A/B funding, and now is doing the same thing for companies here in Cleveland. Kevin is also heavily involved in commercial real estate development in Cleveland, as well as runs his own Opportunity Zone Fund. He and his partner initially moved back to Cleveland almost two years ago to build Cleveland Rocks, an adaptive reuse project in the historical Ohio City Masonic Center. Once open, this building will become the home to the largest rock climbing gym in Ohio, and Flux Makerspace. Flux teaches low-cost software development class, incubates local software companies, and does software agency work companies across the US. Flux works to create opportunity for those in the community. Over the past year, Flux has taught over 100 people software development, and has successfully incubated more than five high-growth technology companies.  Wojton employs his experience in fundraising, software development, and real estate to create an ecosystem that generates the the next wave of innovators in Cleveland. Wojton also founded the CLE OZ Fund, an Opportunity Zone fund that focuses on high-impact, high-returning projects.

 Kevin is laser focused on making Cleveland the next technology hub in the United States. He firmly believes that there is more opportunity for entrepreneurs in Cleveland, over anywhere else in the US. Kevin believes in the power of technology to transform business, communities, and individuals. Cleveland is at a tipping point and Kevin is excited to be here during Cleveland's Renaissance. 

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Career; Featured

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Start Time

1/8/2020 12:00 PM

End Time

1/8/2020 1:30 PM





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​The City Club
850 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44114


Kevin Wojton

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1/8/2020 1:30 PM

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Kevin Wojton, Technology Workshop: Diving into coding/How to leverage technology effectively

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Kevin Wojton, Technology Workshop: Diving into coding/How to leverage technology effectively


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