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 CFA Society Colorado Job Board

The CFA Institute and the CFA Society Colorado both actively and independently seek career opportunities for their members. 

The CFA Society Colorado focuses its efforts in the Colorado market and our goal is to find our members career opportunities in the Colorado region.  As a service to our members, the Society’s Job Listings are free of charge and can be found under the members tab after login.

 Posting Employment Opportunity on the Colorado Society Job Board

Job postings on the CFA Society Colorado Jobs Board are offered for $250 per job posting. 

Job postings will be emailed to our 1000+ members and will be posted on our website for a period of 30 days or until we receive notification from the employer that the position is no longer available. With access to the Job Board restricted to members, employers can be assured that their postings are being viewed by the most experiences and qualified applicants.

To post a job, please complete the following steps:


(1) Place your order

You may purchase job board postings for $250 each. Pay by credit card via PayPal (link listed under order and payment farther down this page)

Alternatively, payment can be made by check, payable to CFA Society Colorado and sent to 13791 E Rice Place, Suite 114, Aurora CO 80015


(2) Download the Job Announcement Form

In order to expedite your posting, please download and use the Job Announcement Form.  Only the information in the announcement form will be posted.

This is a simple text document without additional formatting commands or graphics such as bullets, numbering systems, logos or hot links.  Provide complete URL's where links are needed.  The job posting process is not automated and eliminating formatting helps reduce the time to transfer the content between the various systems.

Complete the following fields in the form: Company Background, Position Description, Job Duties and Essential Functions, Key Qualifications, Application Process, Other. 

Do not forget to include the location of the job.


(3) Submit Your Information

Email a copy of your PayPal payment receipt along with your completed Job Announcement Form to  Please specify the contact information of the point person we should coordinate the listing with.  This information is not posted on the job announcement.  Only the information in the job announcement form will be posted.

 CFA Institute JobLine

The CFA Institute Jobline offers opportunities, with job postings covering all facets of economics and finance, both domestically and internationally. The CFA Institute has a vast library of Career Resources, which include multimedia, web resources, and articles/handouts.  These resources offer a broad array of topics, including advice on networking, resume writing, and interviewing.

Additionally, the CFA Institute Career Centre offers tools that can help define your career goals and execute an effective job search.  These include the ability to receive individualized assistance from career consultants and executive coaches and tools for editing tips to quickly customize your resume/CV for each opportunity.