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 Fisher Futures Program

The Ohio State University’s Fisher Futures program is an initiative that was designed to identify high ability finance majors with an interest in investment banking.

The students who have been accepted into the Fisher Futures Investment Banking Program at The Ohio State University are among the brightest of the finance majors who have demonstrated an intense desire to work in the investment banking industry. Participants may become members of the CFA Society of Columbus at the student rate of $75 per year.

Potential members of the program must meet a set of academic criteria in order to apply and then go through a 6-month selection process that includes:

  • Writing an essay about their interest in investment banking
  • A personal interview with a panel of Fisher staff
  • An assignment designed to showcase their analytical abilities
  • Reading four books about the industry and writing a summary reflection on each
  • Completing the Deal Maven, web-based financial modeling certification process
  • Doing informational interviews and attending presentations designed to increase their knowledge about the industry

After successfully completing these tasks, a final interview will determine if the student is selected into the program. Once a part of the Fisher Futures Investment Banking Program, the students are coached by Fisher staff to successfully compete for a summer internship in the industry.

CFA Columbus involvement

In addition to potential student membership, Fisher Futures students will have a number of opportunities to interact with CFA Columbus members.  In November 2012 over a dozen CFA Columbus members came to OSU to help Fisher Futures members with their “soft skills” through a mock networking process.  Fisher students had timed discussions with CFA members and afterwards the students received feedback on their networking skills in order to help them prepare for the “less technical” aspects of the business world. The event also served as a great opportunity to learn more about the CFA program.

For More Information about Fisher Futures, Contact: Margie Bogenschutz

For more information about the CFA Columbus involvement with Fisher Futures, please contact: Ken Chee