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 Q&A About Volunteering

What is the time commitment to be a mentor?

Mentors should expect to meet with their mentees at least 3-5 times during the academic year from October to May. Notification of pairings will be made in October.

How do I register?

Mentor and mentee recruitment period is August 31-September 25, 2020. Register now below:

Become a CFA Columbus Mentor - Apply HERE

Become a CFA Columbus Mentee - Apply HERE

Can I request to be paired with a mentee who is focused on my area of expertise (equities, fixed income, etc.)?

Yes, we will attempt to honor such requests

Can I serve as a mentor if I am not available during business hours since I can't get out of the office until 5 or 6pm?

Yes, your interactions with your mentee will be arranged by you at times convenient to your schedules

May I state a preference to be paired with a mentee who attends a particular university in this program (since it is my alma mater, or because I live or work near a campus or for other reasons)?

Yes, we will attempt to honor such requests

Can I volunteer to mentor more than one mentee?


I still have some questions. How can I contact someone who can answer them?

Please email and request that a Mentorship Committee member contact you directly via phone or email.