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Dear Czech CFA Society Members, CFA Program Candidates, Dear Friends!


In this first 2009 newsletter, on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Czech CFA Society please let us express our best wishes for all your endeavors for the forthcoming year.


We have decided to publish this occasional newsletter to inform you of new developments in the CFA world, in particular in the Czech Republic. In this issue you will find updated information on the forthcoming Forecasting Dinner 2009 as well as a brief review of the recent Charter Awarding Ceremony and Christmas party, which took place on 4th December 2008. We would also like to share with you some information on the allocation of scholarships for the CFA Program and the Exam review session which is currently being organised by the CFA Institute in Prague in March.


Since publishing the last newsletter, we have been fortunate enough to receive the support of OVB Allfinanz, Ernst & Young and BPP, who all agreed to become General Sponsors for the Czech CFA Society in 2008/2009. Ernst & Young has been a traditional sponsor of our flag-ship event Forecasting Dinner, but this year decided to widen their co-operation significantly.  OVB Allfinanz decided to join as the Level I. sponsor of all our events in the year 2009, and finally we also agreed on a partnership with BPP which provides CFA Exam prep courses in the Czech Republic.  We have also been successful in renewing the media partnership with Economia, which makes the Czech CFA Society events much more visible to the general public. Please let us express a big thank you to our sponsors, as without their support the scope of our operations would be severely limited.


See below for more details about the five main topics contained in this issue of our newsletter.


We welcome all of your comments and feedback. Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or find our contact details at


Hoping to see you at the Forecasting Dinner 2009!


Yours sincerely,



George A. Formandl, CFA                                Lukas Brych, CFA

President                                                           Vice-President


I.                   Upcoming Forecasting Dinner 2009


Currently we are very busy putting together our flagship event – the Forecasting Dinner 2009, which will be held in the premises of the Czech National Bank on 12th February 2009. Similar to last year’s event, we aim to maintain the event’s high standard and to further reinforce its reputation as one of the most prestigious networking events in the Czech financial community. We are in the process of finalising our speaker roster which we expect to be at the same high level as previous years. Besides our society partners and Economia as the main media partner, we welcome MasterCard as event sponsor and Z1 as media partner. Czech CFA Society members will yet again be offered a substantial 60% discount to the full price of the ticket to the event. So please mark it in your diaries and expect the formal invitation soon!



II.                Charter Awarding Ceremony 2008 – a brief review


The 2008 Charter Awarding Ceremony was held on 4th December 2008 in CERGE in Prague and was immediately followed by our Christmas party in nearby restaurant Repre. Besides the support from our society sponsor Ernst & Young, we were very happy to obtain event sponsorship from Credit Suisse Asset Management.  Nine new CFA Charterholders were welcomed into our Society, see the list below. Another 6 candidates from the Czech Republic and Slovakia passed the CFA Program Level III exam this year, so they should be joining us soon when work experience and sponsor criteria are completed.


The event was introduced by Lukas Brych, Czech CFA Society Vice President, who informed CFA Charterholders and candidates attending the event of the Society’s current status. Jiri Musil, member of the Board of Directors of Credit Suisse Asset Management, then presented a relevant current topic: which investment strategies should be considered in the current financial markets climate?


We believe we can call both events a success: nearly 50 people attended (twice the originally expected amount) and there was a lot to discuss until the late evening hours. Also, thanks to renewed partnership with Economia, the new CFA Charterholders were presented in Ekonom weekly during the week of the event.


You can find some photos from the event at our webpage: Please join us in congratulating the new CFA Charterholders:


Miroslav Fliega, CFA                     Citigroup

Miroslava Húdeková, CFA             Hudek Investments

Marcel Imrišek, CFA                     ProRate

Jana Jandová, CFA                        KPMG

Petr Kostinec, CFA                       KPMG

Martin Schimek, CFA                    Czech National Bank

Jan Zedník, CFA                           Ernst & Young

Lenka Treglerová, CFA                 independent

Ondřej Vilinovič, CFA                   Tatra Asset Management


III.             CFA Program Scholarship allocations


In our previous newsletter we asked interested parties to submit their requests for scholarships for their CFA Program® studies. Based upon the applications received, the Board of Directors has agreed to provide 7 scholarships for the upcoming exams. We are planning to use the 3 remaining scholarships in our University Outreach program, depending upon the respective universities’ interest.


Candidates receiving scholarships have already been informed of their success and about the necessary administrative proceedings. All of the candidates have generously volunteered some of their free time to help us with the organisation of our largest annual event, the Forecasting Dinner, which is greatly appreciated as it is our busiest time of year. Assuming that their cooperation goes well and that they are successful in their June 2009 exams, we hope to be supporting them along with the other non-scholarship candidates in the subsequent stages of the CFA Program® .



IV.              BPP: CFA Program courses


Our partner BPP Czech Republic ( is again offering a series of courses which will help you prepare for successful completion of the CFA® Program. The courses are commencing in February 2009.


Course days for particular levels are following:

CFA Level I

February 18 – 20

March 12 – 13

April 8 – 9

CFA Level II

February 25 – 27

March 19 – 20

April 14 – 15


March 4 – 6

April 6 – 7


For more information, please contact BPP at +420 257 533 989 or via [email protected] BPP has a solid track record in delivering professional education across the globe and also in the Czech Republic. However, please note that neither the Czech CFA Society nor CFA Institute have independently verified the suitability of BPP courses for your needs – this decision is entirely at your discretion. The Czech CFA Society and CFA Institute strive to maintain their neutral position and refrain from the recommendation of services of any of the prep course providers globally.



V.                 Contacts


If you wish to stay in touch or  up-to-date with what is going on in our Society please check our webpage  We look forward to hearing from you!