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 The CFA Navigator self study program from BPP Learning Media

The CFA® qualification is the gold standard for the investment industry. Acquire it and you'll significantly enhance your career prospects across the global marketplace. Passing the CFA® exams is challenging, but at BPP we'll help you focus your studies. You'll benefit from comprehensive study materials which have been written by our expert author team. We've helped over 15,000 investment professionals through their CFA® exams – and we can do the same for you.

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    How to Order

    1. Save the order form to your desktop and complete
    2. Email your form to [email protected]
    3. All email subject lines should read ‘Priority – CFA Navigator order’

Learning materials
Exam Navigator is a wrap around to the CFA® Institute official curriculum, which you will receive directly from CFA Institute when you register for your exam.  Exam Navigator follows the CFA® Institute Prep Provider Guidelines and has been carefully put together to enable you to complete the

Program through self-study 
Designed to help you navigate, revise, practise and pass your CFA® exams, BPP Learning Media’s study materials guide you through the CFA® curriculum effectively and efficiently by focusing on the most essential areas and motivating you throughout your study.

At BPP we recognize that everyone learns in different ways – some focus on question practice, whilst others want to  study the key facts and draw mind maps  – so we have designed a flexible set of study tools that can be purchased individually, or as a package.

Study Guide
A unique document that guides you through the Official Curriculum, highlighting the key areas and important questions that you should tackle. Contains study session progress tests with fully explanatory answers which are cross-referenced to your CFA Learning Outcome Statements.

Price: £100.00


BA11Plus Professional Calculator Guide (Level 1 only)
BPP Learning Media’s Guide to Using BA11 Plus Professional Calculator is an invaluable learning tool and will help you learn all the calculator’s essential functions and key strokes.

Price: £25.00


At each Level we have over 1,500 Passcards which form a handy, A6 sized, spiral bound revision tool that you can carry with you in a handbag or briefcase so you can revise wherever, whenever.  They provide a visual summary of each Reading Assignment to help you memorise information and consolidate your learning and are an effective revision aid in the final stages of your studies.

Price: £80.00


Question Bank
Our Question Banks are an invaluable revision tool.  At all three levels we have over 1,500 questions organised by Reading Assignment.  Working through them will ensure you have extensively covered all of the Learning Outcome Statements.  Our full explanatory answers will help you find where you went wrong if you answered incorrectly and, as each question is cross-referenced to the curriculum, you can go back and re-read the text.

Price: £60.00





The CFA Level 1 Exam Navigator i-Learn CD ROM is an interactive, eLearning study tool that takes a fresh and innovative look at the CFA®  syllabus to reinforce your understanding.  It covers core topics in an exam-focused and absorbing manner with the help of audio-visual tutorials.  It also provides useful exam tips and learning strategies.

Price: £60.00




Half-way There Mock Examinations
The CFA® Level 1 Half-way There Mock Examination will help you assess how well you know the CFA syllabus.  It tests your understanding and knowledge of curriculum topics approximately half-way through your studies so you can identify any areas which require further revision before moving on to the rest of the programme.

Price: £40.00






Essential Formulas
The CFA® Level 1 Essential Formulas text is a comprehensive listing of the essential formulas you must learn for the exam in one place.

Price: £30.00







Study Session Overviews
The CFA® Level 1 Study Session Map is a useful, graphical syllabus guide that helps you plan your study.  It condenses the each study session in to visual summaries to help keep you focused on essential areas and is an invaluable revision tool.

Price: £20.00






Mock Examinations
Our Mock Exams book contains four 6-hour mock exams covering the whole syllabus and will ensure you are completely familiar with the exam process before you sit the exam.  Taking a full mock is an ideal way to identify any weak areas in your knowledge so you can focus your final revision effectively.  All answers are fully explanatory and are cross-reference to the CFA® Curriculum.

Price: £60.00





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