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23 September 2009


CFA Program Scholarships 2009/2010 - Note that all scholarships have been granted



As in previous years, the Czech CFA society was allocated 10 scholarships for CFA exams from the CFA Institute. However, this year we will initially reserve 4 of them for the Investment Research Challenge. Remaining 6 ones will be open to current candidates in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. After last-year record-breaking demand for the scholarship, we expect the allocation process to be more detailed and selective.

If you are interested in having your CFA Program fees funded, please let us know at [email protected]. You may apply for a scholarship even if you are already registered for the exam. Please provide the following information when applying for a scholarship:

  • Which level of CFA Program exams are you preparing for? If applicable, how many attempts did it take you pass the previous levels and why, if you had to retake any levels?
  • Are you a student or employed?
  • Did you ask your employer for funding? Why was your request turned down?
  • Short resume including your practical work and international experience, academic background and - if student or recent graduate - study results, semesters abroad, other achievements.
  • Are you willing to provide Czech CFA Society with up to 25 hours of volunteer work in event management and administrative support? If so, what is your general time availability?

When selecting scholarship recipients we will favour those candidates who want to actively participate in the Society’s activities, are willing to provide help in organizing events to foster the CFA idea and the Society’s non-profit status and/or for whom it is difficult to obtain funding for their CFA Program fees. The Society Board will also give priority to those applicants that received scholarships last year, volunteered their time to help out with Society’s activities and successfully passed the exam.

The deadline for applications is 15 October 2009.

The CFA Program is a very challenging and time consuming exercise. While the intention of this scholarship program is to help lessen the financial burden, we expect in exchange an appropriate commitment to study. We reserve the right to request refunding of the value of scholarship if the candidate fails to attend or does not sit the entire exam[1].


Board of the Czech CFA Society

[1] Under special circumstances candidate can be excused by the Board of the Czech CFA Society.