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By David Dubofsky, PhD, CFA
Published Author and Retired Academic
Americans’ knowledge and understanding concerning finance and investments is, in general, abysmal. Just google and you will find literally dozens of surveys that have been conducted concerning Americans’ financial literacy. Continue....

By Chris Palamara, CFA Associate
ALM & Investment Strategy
It’s vital for depository institutions to follow essential liquidity procedures in any environment, but recent events in the repo market serve as a good reminder for all institutions. Late 2019 saw overnight cash markets garnering mainstream media headlines for the first time since before The Great Recession, as the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) embarked on its first post-financial crisis rescue mission to shore-up short-term lending markets last September and the Federal Reserve had to inject liquidity into the repo markets to kick off the new year. Continue....

By Franklin J. Parker, CFA

I have struggled to answer some basic contradictions in our economy. On the one hand, we have printed, spent, and borrowed unprecedented amounts of money at unprecedented rates. Yet, inflation has been nowhere to be found. The traditional relationship between employment and inflation has been broken (known as the Phillips curve). Continue....

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