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Past CFA Society Detroit Webinars:

Recordings of Webinars can be found on our You Tube Chanel HERE
Event Recaps can be found HERE
Presentation Materials can be found HERE

  • May 20th - Alex Cavalieri, Head of Marketing, Cion Investments
  • May 5th - Andrew Opkyke, CFA, Economist, First Trust
  • April 13th - Danielle DiMartino Booth, CEO & Chief Strategist, Quill Intelligence LLC
  • March 16th - Karen Anderson, CFA, Healthcare Strategist, Morningstar Research Services, LLC
  • February 23rd - Maximizing Memory Workshop
  • February 9th - Speed Reading Workshop
  • January 12th - Dr. Karolien Notebaert, Founder, Notebaert Consulting
  • December 3rd - Michael Glascott, Managing Director, Macquarie
  • November 11th - Frank Kelly, Head of Government & Public Affairs for North and Latin Americas, Deutsche Bank
  • October 13th - Meb Faber, Co-founder and the Chief Investment Officer @Cambria Investment Management
  • September 10th - Mark W. Yusko, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer, Morgan Creek Capital Management (click to read a recap)
  • June 9th - Grant Williams
  • May 4th – Andrew Opdyke, CFA, Economist, First Trust
  • April 22nd – Ben Phillips, CFA Chief Investment Officer, EventShares & MarketDesk Research
  • April 14th – Chris Low, Chief Economist, FHN Financial

Furthermore, if you are not already regularly tracking the following resources, we encourage you to do so: