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 Student Application


Student Membership Application

Thank you for your interest in joining the CFA Society of Detroit as a Student Member. 


The CFA Society of Detroit’s Student Membership is offered to (i) undergraduate students, enrolled full-time in a university/college, pursuing a bachelor’s of art or bachelor’s of science degree and (ii) graduate students, enrolled full or part-time, pursuing a master’s degree. PhD students are also welcome to apply. A student member who does not maintain the prerequisite college/university enrollment criteria will no longer be eligible for student membership. Once ineligible for student membership, an individual may remain as a student member until the end of the student membership year. The CFA Society of Detroit Student Membership is valid for one-year and must be renewed annually. The membership year runs from July 1st through June 30th of the following year. The cost of student membership is $50 annually. Student members of the CFA Society of Detroit have access to the CFA Society of Detroit website ( and may attend many CFA Society of Detroit events for a student-member rate of $10. (Student-members will be eligible for the regular member rate for events that do not qualify for the $10 rate). Student Membership in the CFA Society of Detroit does not qualify an individual for membership in the CFA Institute or for future Regular or Affiliate membership in the CFA society of Detroit. 


To be accepted for membership, an applicant is required to (i) submit the Student Membership Application, which must be signed by a Professor of finance, business or economics at the college/university at which the student is enrolled or by a CFA Detroit Charterholder member, (ii) enclose a copy of the applicant’s current student ID card, (iii) a reference letter from the Professor or CFA of Detroit Charterholder member, and (iv) agree to be bound by The CFA Society of Detroit’s Code of Ethics. To maintain a student membership, renewing student members must submit a Student Membership Renewal Application affirming their student status, along with an updated copy (as applicable) of their student ID. ​