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 About Us

CFA Society Egypt strives to meet the ongoing needs of the investment industry and foster integrity, investment literacy, and professional development within the local investment market. As a not-for-profit educational organization, the mission of CFA Society Egypt is to educate and inform investment decision-makers, promote ethical standards in the industry, and assist financial professionals in career development.

 Our Objectives

Increase appreciation and awareness of the CFA® designation among practitioners, employers, regulators, and the investing public, through:

  • Advertising the society, its activities and the CFA designation in local newspaper and magazines
  • Creating a web site to include information about the society and its activities
  • Issuing publications to cover the society’s activities and issues related to the financial profession
  • Holding one annual event
  • Sponsoring and participating in major local financial events
  • Hosting joint events with other entities
  • Creating a dialogue with potential CFA candidates

Enhance communication within the investment community to foster market development, through:

  • Holding periodic member meetings
  • Holding regular meetings to disseminate the society’s values and objectives
  • Communicating the society’s views on specific investment issues to regulators through “statement of opinion”
  • Identifying areas that require reform and market development and providing related technical support
  • Fostering a dialogue between local practitioners and foreign counterparts to exchange ideas and best practices

Foster professional development for society members and practitioners at large, through:

  • Creating a “career placement” mechanism to communicate employment opportunities to society members
  • Organizing educational programs, seminars and round tables

Promote adoption of the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct, through:

  • Leading by example
  • Communicating the code of Ethics to investment practitioners
  • Encouraging regulators and employers to formally adopt and enforce the Code of Ethics


What are the benefits of the CFA Society Egypt membership?

Membership provides a diversity of rewards and benefits to investment management professionals:

  • A​n opportunity to fully participate in a comprehensive and highly regarded professional educational program.
  • CFA Socety Egypt News, a newsletter published quarterly, featuring program updates, the President's message, employment opportunities and other news of interest.
  • Regular luncheon meetings on topical programs relating to timely issues, bull vs. bear debates on current topics or industries, and occasional meetings with various industrial companies' management.
  • Special luncheons on professional topics.
  • The regular Annual Meeting program of CFA Society Egypt
  • Substantial discounted fees for all society's activities, such as educational offerings, luncheon meetings, the market outlook dinner, and the annual meeting.
  • Social and networking events.

In addition to these membership benefits, the CFA Socety Egypt connects you more closely with CFA Institute -- by keeping you up to date on CFA Institute initiatives, giving you access to CFA Institute high-quality speakers, and offering you a collective voice to pursue CFA Institute goals of attaining continued knowledge and high ethical standards in the global as well as local investment community.

What is my role as a member?

An important aspect and benefit of membership is the access that members have to others in the investment community. Through their presence at CFA Society Egypt programs, members gain admission to a large network of associates, senior investment professionals, and corporate executives who will challenge and motivate them as they pursue their professional goals.

Our members also have the opportunity to distinguish themselves by serving on our committees. Committee members organize many of our events and programs. Committee volunteer experience helps members to position themselves as vital participants in their profession.

The work of this Society, like most societies, is best carried forward by the combined efforts of a large number of energetic people working together in a common cause; not by one person or a small group of people doing all the work under the fierce and expectant gaze of the membership. You'll get more out of memberhsip if you put something into it by joining with your peers in association for the betterment of all.

The Society encourages new members to take an active part in committee activities such as Education, Programs, Membership, Professional Placements and. Public Relation. This provides ample opportunity to network, build relationships, enjoy associations with peers, and develop contacts within the industry, as well as provide impetus to the improvement of the Society.​

 About CFA Institute

CFA Institute is a global, nonprofit member organization of financial analysts, portfolio managers, and other investment professionals.