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Demand the Best: Demand a CFA® Charterholder

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Congratulations to our local investment and finance professionals who recently became CFA charterholders, joining the tens of thousands of charterholders around the world building a better world for investing.

These individuals achieved the highest distinction in the investment management profession by completing the CFA® Program. They've proven themselves by dedicating on average 1,000 hours of intense study to pass one of the most rigorous series of exams in the financial industry. Learn more about the credential.

Abdelgelil I, CFA
Mostafa Ahmed Khamis
Ahmed, CFA
Omnia Abdelhameed Saber
Ahmed, CFA
AlSisi, CFA
Doaa Mohammed
Amin, CFA
Mark Adeeb Guirguis
Anas, CFA
Hassan M. Roshdy
Badr El Din, CFA
Ziad Hesham R. Y.
Bazzan, CFA
Rania Ussama A.
El Shenofy, CFA
Nouran Mohamed
Elberry, CFA
Hesham Ahmed M. M. M.
Elgohary, CFA
Zeinab M. S. M.
Elrashidy, CFA
Elregdawy, CFA
Ayman Ezzat Ismail
Enany, CFA
Khaled Ahmed Youssef
Ezzeldin, CFA
Monett Magdy
Farah, CFA
Noureldin Sherif Amin
Fayek, CFA
Nada S. Z. Ahmed Abdel
Ghani, CFA
Abanob Magdy Fouad
Ghatas, CFA
Ghozzi, CFA
Moataz Mohamed
Hamed Sr., CFA
Ziad Adel Abdelfattah
Hassan, CFA
Amr M. Hassan Mohamed
Heikal, CFA
Laila Maged Abdelhamid
Hosny, CFA
Mohamed Aly M. M.
Ibrahim, CFA
Ahmed Mohamed
Ismail Jr., CFA
Amr Ismail Mohamed
Ismail, CFA
Mohamed M. F. M. Fahmy
Khalil, CFA
Mohamed Marei Abdelaziz
Marei, CFA
Hashem Magdy Ahmed
Mirghany, CFA
Ahmed Fekry Taha
Mohamed Sr., CFA
Amr Hussein Abdelhamid
Mohamed, CFA
Heba Mostafa
Mohamed, CFA
Nourhan M. Ibrahim
Mohamed, CFA
Nariman Mahmoud
Mohamed, CFA
Bassem H. M. K. ElSayed
Mohamed, CFA
Ahmed Abbady
Moussa Ali, CFA
Abdelhaleem S. E. A.
Muhammed, CFA
Ahmed Ayman Shehata
Saad Sr., CFA
Nadine Amin Mohsen
Shehab, CFA
Aya Mohamed M. Ali
Shehata, CFA
Tawfik, CFA
Mostafa Ahmed Abdelfattah
Younes, CFA
Ebrahim Gamal E. E. Abo
Yousef, CFA
Nourhan M. H. Mahmoud
Zaazou, CFA

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